View Full Version : [A] - Kul Tiras - Blue Sun is looking for members!

09-10-2008, 11:54 AM
Blue Sun is a guild made up mostly of RL friends. We like to have fun, drink, joke and raid.

We currently have Kara just about on farm and down the bear boss in ZA with no problems.

We are looking for a few more members to fill out our regular raiding group. Tanks, heals and dps.

We generally raid Kara Tuesday nights at 8:30 server (we're mostly a west coast group) and we're working on doing ZA one other night a week. We also do a kara run for alts and people who couldn't make the other run on the weekends but most of the time have a few friends from other guilds or PUGs. We have also been doing 25 man content with a couple of other guilds. (Gruul's, Magtheridon, SSC, The Eye)

Don't think you're geared enough? Don't think you've had enough raid experience? Don't worry about it. We can teach you how to do that stuff as long as you're not a douchebag. We can't teach you how to be a decent human being.

Our #1 requirement out of recruits is personality. We do not tolerate douchebags in our guild so please don't come in with a know it all mentality. We generally insist people are over 21 (even if they act 12.) and do require you run through a heroic before we throw you a ginvite.

So, if you're interested in Blue Sun, find Maralyssa or Magowan online. If you don't see us, do a /who Blue Sun and ask someone who's on. They might be on an alt.

BTW - We have a guild bank and totally rad tabard! Booyah!