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09-10-2008, 04:10 AM
The World of Warcraft Armory (http://www.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Bladefist&n=Noc)

I went into ZA last night for the first time and it seems like we had a really rough time of it. I have my avoidance trinkets on atm moment. Buffed I was at over 17khp.

The Pally healer was having a hard time keeping me up on the last trash pull before the bear boss, though I think he was throwing his small quicker heals early on and just wasn't keeping up with the damage I was taking. We eventually got past that pull and wiped on the boss a couple times. I seemed to be doing ok on Troll, Druid tank on bear phase. Last attempt we had him at 36% before druid went down. His trash reset and we called it.

I know the waist piece needs to go, 4 badges from Girdle of the Fearless, and I'll probably regem a little after I get it. Working on T4 gloves/shoulders and helm and Gruuls shield, just waiting for them to drop...

09-10-2008, 04:25 AM
Well tbh I wouldnt let you MT past the fist 2 bosses ( pvp gear and blues needs to go )

Secondly , you have 28 def rat to loose , what I personally would do is gem all red slots with dodge and all other with max stam gems , forget socket bonusses for now as I have a feeling that Effective health is your main problem atm .

The def rat enchants on chest and cloak needs to be replaced by dodge on cloak and health or 6 stats on chest imo .

Personally I feel that you have way to many kara runs needed before you and your healers are gonna be confident stepping into ZA as I tanked ZA with full kara gear and still had first and second boss wipe nights .

Get all the badge gear you can asap and run heroic Mgt as much as possible untill that trinket drops off the 3rd boss ( Darkmoon Card : Vengeance is a substitute but not ideal ) .

Order of badge upgrades imo are : 1) New belt , 2) New leggings , 3) new ring , 4) Old badge vendor Bracers , 5) old badge vendor GAB trinket .

Hope this helps :)

09-10-2008, 04:27 AM
Personally I prefer to stack stam when gemming, your leg and gun crit gems arent too hot. I would replace those for 12 stam asap.

I would also get a 12 stam enchant on boots, bracers and chuck a 12 stam gem in bracers too

Your shoulder gem i would replace to stam also

Your hands too

From a rough calculation you can gain almost 700hp from regemming and re-enchanting. Which takes you closer to 18k HP.


As for trash - how many healers did u have?

Did you use 2 mages for the cc?

Did you split up[ the bears to stop their debuffs stacking?

If you didnt have mages did you use a lock to fear or perhaps trap?

Was thunderclap applied at all times?


For bear boss...

Are your healers split up to prevent silence at same time

Are you keeping up Thunderclap for the druid and comm shout?

Is a hunter doing his shot to reduce dmg?

Get some stoneshield pots, they mitigate damage lovely. Perhaps the paladin into tank grp for the armour aura? A shaman for grace of air, lots of dodge gained.

09-10-2008, 04:57 AM
The +def is largely a result of not re-tweaking after some gear changes. I usually use Commander Badge from Netherwing which is +45 stamina, but swapped it out in place of Dabiri's Enigma. That drops my back to 506 def, but still allows me to regem for -16 def. Point taken on the crit gems, they were just gems I had in the bank from H Mech... I'll regem them.

I know the S1 shoulders need to go, I need to see the token drop...acknowledged that in OP.

I was using stoneshield pots. Yes on Command Shout and TC. Don't know about the Hunter. We had 2 locks, they were fearing. Yes, split the bears up...

Thanks for the all the feedback.