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09-04-2008, 11:28 AM
i ran this last night. it was the first time i had set foot in the instance at all. we had a really good healer and decent dps, but ran into some issues, so i'm looking for a little strategy advice.

everything up to and including the first boss went fine. even the gauntlet was no big deal (although i've never used intervene/concussion/taunt so much!). downed the second boss at the end of the gauntlet, and then proceeded to fail.

dps was 2 mages, 1 hunter. the healer wanted to skip the side pulls and just hit the middle group.

failure #1: i LOS pulled the middle group and the whole room agro'd. healer said it was because sheeping causes the room to agro.

failure #2: i LOS pull the middle group again (no sheeps) and whole room agro'd. the sides are agro'ing before they even reach us, so i'm thinking we can't pull in this order.

failure #3: we go for the right group first this time. i try to pull them back to the previous room so we can use sheep, but my throw is evaded. ok, so i wait for their health to fall again, and this time just run in and fight them there. we're afraid to use sheep (healer insists no sheep allowed in this room), so i tank all of them (5 i think). this fail i'd put on myself, because one of the mobs agro'd on the healer and we wiped. as hard as i was getting hit, it was pretty difficult to hold 5 mobs off the healer, but i think this is the strategy i would use next time.

failure #4: healer says don't pull the middle group back, just run in and tank them where they are. ok, we try this. now, i'm sure it would have been pretty easy to drop a consecrate and hold them all ;), but i think the pack is about 6-7 mobs. it seems to be working for a few seconds, as the sides don't agro. however, as soon as i lose one of the mobs and he runs for the group, the sides agro.

at that point, it was late and we decided to call it. it was a PUG, and we actually all left on friendly terms (which was a nice bonus), but what's the best way to do these rooms? i just don't see me holding 6-7 mobs throughout the whole fight. and as soon as one leaves, the room agro's, so it's not like i can just run back and pick it up.

i've heard this instance is designed with a pally in mind, and i'd have to agree. these pulls seem much harder than the MrT pulls to me. so what do you other warriors do here?

09-04-2008, 11:46 AM
PuG a Pally and go as a DPS :P

just kidding.

They cant be MC'd, they resist Hunter traps (alot), and sheeping on the sides pulls the room. If you can sheep in the middle, try that.

09-04-2008, 12:56 PM
The sides in that room are in combat most of the time, which I think extends their aggro range. The easiest way is to simply pull the sides [especially in a pug]. They don't take THAT long to clear...and besides: It's a pug.

Try to imagine all the times you were pugging, skipped a mob, told everyone to watch out for the skipped mob, and then had someone pull said mob 3 seconds later. Yeah.

But if you do try to skip them, the best results are obtained by fighting everything in the room before that at the start of the hallway. Pull the first group and the mobs in the hallway all the way back [Intervene is handy for this]. You also apparently found the few mages on your server capable of sheeping something before it's halfway dead. Just remind them not to sheep until the mob has cleared that room.

I would honestly pull the second mob in the next room all the way back as well. Good luck, and it's nice that the PUG sounds like it had some cool-headed people in it. Put them on your friends list!

That hallway is easily the biggest pain in that place when you're trying to skip the side mobs.

09-04-2008, 06:48 PM
First, wait for the pat and clear that.

Then LoS pull the big group on the side of the hallway where you killed the gauntlet boss. The melee behave normally, no shooters. The caster in the grey robe fears, and the caster in the black pants isn't particularly challenging. if at all possible, hold the casters on you with reflect. If not, sheep, blind, put pet on them, have a rogue or a high-DPS player kill them, etc. Killing them is risky because it takes the healer's focus off you. Just kill the casters after the main elite.

CC isn't really your friend in Shattered Halls. I've had the problem with someone sheeping and pulling the sides (was wondering why, thanks for the explanation). If you CC at all, CC the casters after they approach the opening to your hall. Traps should be placed at the healer's feet.

The group of three melee just after the main pull usually add half way through the fight. If someone knows why please tell us. Just watch out and pick them up.

Pulling the group where it is is really risky, even if they have no warlock.

Pulling the gladiators is not needed. If you want to pull them, be sure that you kill the four fighters first, and their trainer last. The fighters do *much* more damage than other mobs, the trainer very little.

Onto the next room like that, the big pull is right in the center and you have no corner available, unless you clear some gladiators. If they have no warlock, no problem, just pull them in the corridor. The fire caster melees at some point. If they have a warlock, the safest bet is to pull all he way back to the previous corner.

09-24-2008, 06:06 AM
I just ran this on heroic for the first time last night, and we actually ran this hall with no problems and 1 mage for CC. DPS was feral druid and a warrior, shammy healing.

The first group we pulled back into the boss room at the end of the gauntlet, I believe I los'd them because I've also had the sheep/aggro issue, though always on reg. Kinda of an ugly fight, lost the mage partway through, but basically just spammed shield block, thunderclap, and spell reflect (mage was sheeping the caster, til he died) till they were all dead.

We went ahead and just walked right into the couple of mobs between rooms and fought them right in the little short hallway.

Second room was a 6-pull I think. We sheeped an acolyte I think, once it got into the short hall, but all others were melee and it was again lots of thunderclap, cleave, shield block. Again no side aggro though and we also didn't get the 3 guys in the next short hallway.

Those 3 I pulled across the room back into the hall between rooms. Wouldn't have tried it if I knew all 3 would come, so I think we got lucky there. I can't comment on whether or not itmatter if the side groups are in combat, I couldn't/didn't see them where I was pulling from.