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09-04-2008, 08:13 AM
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Eminence on the PvP server Kazzak, is looking for a couple more players to add to our roster as we work on Kil'jaeden and prepare for Wrath of Lich King - and this is hopefully where you come in. :]

We're mainly after a Warr & a Pala at the moment, but other classes may have a chance too - read further for details!

[ What we are about ]

Originally formed on Vashj (in fact, our roots could be traced back to Karazhan realm), we are late starters in tBC yet still made good enough progress for a guild formed by new players with close to no previous experience of raiding.

Our idea and our main goal, is to create an active and fun community for those passionate about raiding, and wishing to conquer all raiding content at a good pace and without too much frustration, while at the same time having a friendly environment that values good spirit and camradiere as much as one's dps and ability to run out of evil fires.

At the end of July we have moved from Vashj to Kazzak, and it was a choice well-made - this lively realm offered us many more opportunities; we have advanced through Sunwell very quickly, and are now on Kil'jaeden's doorstep.

We fully expect to be amongst Kazzak's 'top' come the expansion; we are ambitious, we are determined, and we are absolutely sure we've got what it takes.

[ What we are after ]

Our key interests at the moment are 1x Protection Warrior and 1x Holy Paladin. Being able to, and being interested in playing as your class' possible offspecs, Prot Pala in particular, is certainly a possibility and in fact a big advantage with your application - but prot / holy would be the specs we'd expect you to enjoy as your 'main'.

We may be interested in other classes, but you'd have to really stand out of the crowd to convince us you're worth taking.

We aren't too strict in our gear requirements, as that's fairly easy to fix for the right person, but we do expect only the absolute best in terms of activity, attendance, and personality from our members.

Experience-wise, you should ideally be familiar with every raid encounter in the game, at the very least full BT experience and good knowledge of Sunwell from guides / videos; we don't mind talking you through the encounters, but we shouldn't need to explain how Burn works or what is a Void Sentinel to you.

You should also obviously know the best gear choices for your class, how to spec and how to gem, and generally be a complete no-life geek devoted to WoW. :] We don't have classleaders or anything similar so you'd be fully expected to make your own choices and do your research. (this might sound silly to some, but you'd be amazed to know how many people we've met in the past who needed 'advice' on simplest of things, we don't want that)


We raid 5 days/week starting around 1900 and ending ~2330; teh purplix are handled via an open bid dkp system with as few restrictions as possible. We're quite alt-friendly, with people allowed to join Hyjal / BT raids on whatever chars, as long as their playing and the raid comp allows it. We're also much more than what can be said in a forum post like this, so I'll leave it up to anyone interested to visit our website or speak to us in game with any questions about the guild that you might have.

-- http://eminenece.mine.nu/ --

Let's get these apps going!

09-04-2008, 12:51 PM
Quick question, even though I'm not really interested, since it's important.

What time zone do you guys work out of? [1900-2330 NZDT would be perfect for me, but I doubt you work in NZDT, etc]

09-04-2008, 06:30 PM
Woops, 1900-2330 EU server time, aka +1 GMT :p