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09-02-2008, 05:07 AM
We spent a lot of time delving into the complex mechanics of this encounter and it has allowed us to to turn what many top guilds claim is a 15-45 minute encounter into an 8-minute cakewalk.

Players dedicated to Yakhmar (Not Including Adds)
1 Guardian with high Crushing invulnerability or Heroic Defense or 2-3 Guardians with blue gear alternating aggro through Goad and Intervene.

1-2 healing classes.

Assassins, Barbarians, Conquerors dedicated to melee DPS. More is better, but even if you only have 1 or 2, you can do this encounter.

Positioning for Yakhmar Players
The tank, healer, and melee DPS all stand directly in front of Yakhmar. They stay here the entire time and only move away from his conal attacks if there is an extreme health drop due to Yakhmar's secondary attack.

Shouldn't DPS be in the back where they don't take conal damage?
No. This is what most guilds don't understand -- Yakhmar uses a Hate reduction ability on players directly in front of the him. If only the tank is getting hit by it, Yakhmar will inevitably freak out and kill all of your DPS'ers and healers unless you're willing to take an extraordinarily long time to kill him. Guilds that don't understand this single mechanic are the ones claiming Yakhmar needs to be a 15+ minute kill.

This mechanic is also the reason that you don't use ranged DPS on Yakhmar. All of the melee who are attacking Yakhmar have extremely low Hate throughout the encounter, and even a few mistaken hits from a Ranger jumping in late can start the downward spiral that leads to a wipe.

Notes for Yakhmar Players
Do not ever use fire damage. Iceworm Lullaby is an AOE ability that Yakhmar will do when he is struck by fire damage; Lullabies cause wipes.

People have posted strategies that suggest Lullaby is inevitable and fire damage has nothing to do with it. They are wrong. All of our kills are Lullaby free because we know how to control the damage.

Wath out for weapon enchants, HOX auras, Fire Stance, and any other potential sources of fire damage. If you're still seeing lullabies, use /logcombat on and do a search (CTRL+F) for "fire" in the text log in your AOC directory to find out who is causing it.

Yakhmar has a brief secondary attack. This is not the same as losing aggro, and it should never kill your melee DPS. It can, however, reduce their health far enough that they should briefly step out of the conal damage.

Speculation only: I have used Intervene every time the cooldown is up for the 1-minute aggro list buff. There's no harm in doing it in this encounter, and the premise is that it may have a chance of building my own Hate level every time time the secondary attack occurs. This may or may not be true.

If you use our strategy, do not let your Yakhmar group use AOE attacks when adds spawn. Keep him positioned in such a way that adds do not run through the Yakhmar group. The easiest way to do this is to keep his face turned 90 degrees in either direction of where he starts before the encounter.

Players dedicated to Adds
Everyone who's not on Yakhmar. For us, this is usually 3/4ths of our raid.

Position for Adds
The group handling adds should be far enough away from Yakhmar that long-range classes such as Rangers can never accidentally hit Yakhmar. Secondarily, it can be nice to have them far enough away that they can recover tombstones in case of a wipe.

Handling Adds
First, make sure you've read up on how the aggro list works in this thread (http://www.eventideguild.com/f28/979-aggro-table-what-determines-add-behavior/). It will save you a lot of hassle.

Second, make sure that the person getting aggro is back with the group through the encounter, and that everyone holds off DPS fire on the adds until that player has at least hit them. Early CC is generally fine; early AOE is generally terrible.

Adds will always come every 45 seconds. Guardians tanking adds can easily call out when the next set of adds is incoming by using Strike and Guard on the first mob they can hit; since this has a 40 second cooldown, it gives a great measurement tool.

45 seconds is a long time, relatively speaking. Some add groups will have just 3 adds, others will have up to 6; make sure that when you are only getting 3, DPS is taking care of the adds at a more careful rate.

In our groups, we generally expect players to use crowd control first before they DPS. The adds are susceptible to fears, stuns, slows, and knockbacks. They also don't have a lot of life. If your tank does not have 50% or more Crushing damage reduction, crowd control is absolutely necessary.

09-03-2008, 03:41 PM
Hello all.

Well we tried Yakmar for a few days. Its a mess. got a few Qs if you can help me out.

1st about tanking... with 62% Crushing i am having issues staying alive with 3 Healers... Also no matter how hard i try ... Goad Goad Mob Intervene ... after a while i can never steal aggro from anyone even if its a dps. So if i loose aggro from the offtank i can never take it back till he dies... After the nerf there will be no way to trade aggro between 2-3 tanks... or am i wrong?

2nd About the Adds... they are spawning FAR FAR faster than 45 sec... sometimes its 25 secs or less... Our dps cant kill them fast enuf. Also a guard cant hold 6 adds on him long enuf for them to die... he either dies from damage or the aoe hitters die from aggro. So its really hard to actually keep killing all these waves of adds... Is there a trick? is there a way?

We tried using soldiers to aggro the adds before they come but the hole things takes too much time to do and by the time we kill teh last ones new are coming..

3rd we saw that if the aggro guy is too far off the adds dont hunt him and they get stuck where they spawn... is there a way to use this to get them 2-3 at a time always? So its easier to kill them?

Is he doable really??? i am disappointed atm ...

HOW we gonna kill him after the nerf if we cant now???

thanx for listening btw...

09-05-2008, 09:50 AM
1.) Honestly, I'm not sure what to tell you. The information on this post, as far as I can say, is everything you need to make this happen. We killed him again last night, I was solo tanking using this very same strat (69% crushing inv without Juggernaut), two healers on the MT (which is all you ever really need cause the heals only stack twice) and we did fine. I'm wearing one cold resist ring and I only have on one piece of raid gear. Make sure your hitting Juggernaut everytime it is up, along with Cunning Deflection, and make sure you healers know what they are doing. And, yea, it does seem that if you loose aggro to someone for an extensive period of time it is very difficult to get it back (though we have done it). That is why its best to keep all your yak-dps-people directly in front of his face so he is not running around like a crazy worm on crack when you loose aggro. If you loose aggro to someone it is only going to be to someone who is attacking him. If he is being attacked, it should only be by someone in front of his face. That's the way we do it. If a dps pulls him and you can't get it back, the dps dies and he comes back to you. Easy fix :).

2.) The adds, whenever we run this, come explicitly every 45 seconds. Period. Like clockwork. Don't know why it would be different for you. Make sure your "aggro guy" has got a tank on his left and right side with all the rest of the dps behind them. Due to collision detection it makes it almost so you can kill one at a time in a straight line.

3.) Not sure what to make of this one either. We have had the "aggro guy" at the entrance of the cave and they still would run to him. Maybe this has changed since we last tried it.

He definately is doable. You will kill him if you keep at it. Be encouraged! We have killed him somewhere between 15-20 times, I think. As far as the gem nerf goes...I'm not sure. We'll have to rework a strat and delve deeper into how to make secure aggro changes. The best I can say is raid what you can and start gearing your people up in as much Heroic Defense/Heroic Attack as possible. The mitigation and dps will be a significant help after the nerf.

Let me know how else we can help.

09-05-2008, 02:50 PM
well we had me as mt and an offtank guard... he could never take aggro off me... use goad goad mob intervene .... i stoped hitting nothing... i died and then he got aggro...

So maybe have the offtank at the one side of the worm so he can hit and goad outside ? dont know... only the pet works to take aggro but them all hell breaks loose as i cant retake aggro of the dt... he dies i take aggro...

Do you guys kill the adds 1 by 1 or use stun then aoe nuke? Do you need to have soldiers with resist gear on the adds ?

About the heroic def/atk

i went to brc today and tested with a 12 ppl group... i am using crafted lvl 80 gear with 1 X 1.6% crushing/piercing/slashing. i got 2 epic items boots and legs.. (yes we killed yakmar by a cheat). So when i change the crafted for the epic i lose some 2% slashing... but also i get hit for 200 more damage... 900ish with crafted 1100ish with epic...

SO what is the hole Heroic stats issue i cant say yet...