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08-29-2008, 04:22 AM
I noticed that brutalis seems to favor paladins and druids way more than warriors in that they generate more tps than warrior in that fight without giving up avoidance. So how does a warrior sustain the required tps needed to kill that boss within enrage timer and keep up the avoidance? MY guild is really used to pala/druid combo for brutalis and they have succesfuly killed him like that, the paladin actually made more tps that the druid there and still survived stomp as he used alot of dodge. Unfortuanley they didnt have much success when they used warrior, wether it was warrior/druid or warrior/pala, i dont get why? That warrior wasnt me, so im not sure what happened, but seems people were over aggroing as they were used to a pala with sanc aura (demona fast hitter, how does a warrior compete?), so i think warrior may have then started using tps gear which ofc resulted in roflstomps, really hard to figure out how to gear for this boss.

Imo wf/agi totem twisting should be given to the warrior, but seems that will not happen and i have seen many kills using warrior Mt with no shaman in tank group.

Whatt is the genral opinion on this? ie the shaman in tank group for bruta?

Also here is my current gear that i have and i think would be good for bruta, what do you think, will it do the job of surving and sustain the required tps?I have every single piece of tank badge loot and 4 piece t6(I have t6 chest too, but it seems inferior to my badge one for bruta imo, i may be wrong though), but no illidian shield or faceplate of imbaness , and i havent the dkp yet for t6 wristguards...I do have enough for dragon enrcusted blade though and hoping it drops so i can use that sword with executioner for tps edge and then quickly switch to uw with mongy on it for stomps, I will be using scrolls and ironshield ofc, and using watch and seeds for stomps too.

70 Human Warrior (http://www.warcrafter.net/sandbox/106118)

As you can see I have gone for a reallly heavy dodge/armor root, but I feel that may be kill my tps completley as it has very little expertise and +hit , so does my band of abyssal lord , pepe cape, expertise bracers, and sso amulet have any place in my bruta gear?

Thanks for reading my wall o text, hope i made sense lol.

PS, i know boss is tauntable and so threat shouldnt be an issue but in reality , since he hits so hard and fast if someone over aggros they gonna die , no matter how fast you taunt (imo).

08-29-2008, 06:34 AM
Considering you have infinite rage on this fight, threat should not be an issue for any tank. You just do your standard rotation with HS on every swing.

I don't get why people say "he's tauntable so threat is not a issue", that's plains bullshit.

08-29-2008, 09:55 AM
Yet even with HS permanently running and the standard Rev/SS/Dev/Dev cycle it is just so extremely easy to have a Warlock or a Mage pull threat it seems.

We have not defeated this *&#$#@$#@ yet. We have gotten close and I do believe we had him if it had not have been for a tanking mistake at 15% we would have won. However, as time goes on during the night, it seems like ranged dps seem to be pulling more and more. I am geared for overall avoidance, I could change up a piece or two to grab some more SBV and lose some avoidance, but I worry about survivability and I am not quite sure than an additional small amount of threat gear will overcome our lock's pulling threat on the encounter.

Am I just looking at this from the wrong perspective? When the ranged do not pull we have the 27k raid dps to win. When they pull its early on in the encounter (between the pull and the third stomp), are they just going too hard too fast? Should they be shattering, invising earlier rather than later? Or is it just that we as tanks are incapable of pushing the tps required for the encounter and should rethink the gear or specific tanks doing the tanking?

Edit: Our tank party looks like -

Warrior, Feral, Draeni Holy Pally (Hit/Devo), Tree Druid (ToL Aura), Resto Shaman (GoA)

With the group having been created based on survivabilty, we also have limited threat boosts with the Hit, LoP, and a 2 drum cycle. I do not know if this is the ideal group make up or if there is something we could do to improve threat and not lose survivability.

08-29-2008, 11:40 AM
Tecnically if you can pull 1200+ TPS, you are doing fine.

It's DPS' job to push the limit and manage their threat dumps to not overaggro. It will be so on Brutallus and will be even more important on Felmyst.

08-29-2008, 12:29 PM
The warrior in your "example" was pure shit. That's all. It's a fine fight for a warrior.

No amount of theorycrafting or hand holding will make up for a bad player.

You shouldn't be threat capping your raid, ever, especially if you haven't downed Brut. You can wear pretty much no threat gear, except the base expertise/hit from your gear from Hyjal/BT, and be fine. The only time people will start to creep up on your TPS is when they're COMPLETELY decked out in Sunwell gear and pushing over 3000 DPS - this is not at all what it's like the first time you kill him. (And once that happens, you can start swapping in some tps-oriented pieces).

I actually challenge my raid to pull aggro on Brut, especially our last few kills, and they haven't been able to. And I'm not wearing shit gear at all, and they're pushing some of the highest DPS their classes have even done on the fight (mages close to 3k, warlocks over 3100). It only gets HARDER to keep threat as your entire raid gears up, due to the way dps/tps scaling works (and not being able to totally downgrade your tank gear on Brut), not easier.

08-29-2008, 01:10 PM
As Xav so eloquently put it this is a problem with your warrior tanking the fight, not with the class/fight mechanics.

08-29-2008, 08:48 PM
Xav is right.

On another note, get the resto shaman to drop flame tongue totem.

hit your normal rotation and HS on every swing.

also, dont wear Onslaught legguards (considering that you only have 3 pc.) Sunguard Legplates are better; you lose less than 100 armour but gain more avoidance and expertise. you get more EH from the legplates.

from some research, brut doesnt parry-haste so expertise is just more threat.

Onslaught Chestguard is much better than the Chestplate of Stoicism. you gain back the armor that you lose for changing the t6 legs and then some. Again, you can also get much more Effective health out of the chest.

09-02-2008, 04:22 PM
Just to add to the train, your Warrior was at fault, not the fight.

I wear full survival gear, sitting some Sunwell pieces in place for Survival BT/Hyjal pieces and DPS doesn't come close to the tanks.

Get a new tank because he obviously is one of the weak points in your guild.