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08-28-2008, 10:38 PM
So this is my first season of really getting into arenas and I had a few questions I wanted to ask. We run a somewhat unusual comp that consists of myself (MS Warr.), ShS Rogue, MM Hunter, Holy Pally and Resto Shaman. I'm sure there's a name for it, I guess its a variation of a Cleave /shrug, but in all honesty it's a friends team. Right now my 5's spec is 33/28/0 (Swords).

Our current strat is to have the hunter and rogue dps a target with myself on another target (I'm usually on a lock or a priest). Our shaman will have both targets fully purged and i will have my target fully sundered, both are ready for the switch should it be called.

So now that you have the backstory, here come the questions =) . Does our dps split sound right or should we have all 3 of our dpsers on seperate targets? I usually save my pummels and intercepts for my target, should I be using them on a focus (healer)? Should I be overly concerned with dpsing pets? Would it be more advantageous for my hunter to be BM? Should my shaman be shocking heals or more concerned with healing our team?

I've read a lot of strat guids and I've seen a few pvp vids. There isn't much advice out there for 5's. Basically I was wondering if I was doing it right =) . We are actually pretty decent for a friends team, a few of us were over 2k last season (I wasnt on that team) and this seasons team has been over 1800. I understand that without cc we will be countered at times but I gotta say that we are a pretty hard counter to other teams that are out there also. Any advice that you guys can offer a 5's noob like me will be most appreciated! Hell, someone should write a guide because I can't find one ;)