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08-28-2008, 10:53 AM
I just experience my first real failure as a tank and as a Raid Leader.
1-boss ZA run. 1st timer failed.

Long Background:
I joined a new guild this weekend. I'm Tank #2, behind the casual but very competent guild leader. It's been great so far. 3 quite successful raid nights (3/4 of TK no wipes, 1-shot Lurker in SSC, and a 1-hour grull/mag farm) led me to believe that life was sunshine and rainbows. Although the GM was RL for all 3 nights, I stepped up and helped with tanking and healing assignments, boss-fight coordination, and just general raid leadership/management. I got to the point within 2 days of joining the guild (as well as running with them before) that my friends were welcomed into core raiding spots based solely on my suggestions. They both did wonderfully. I was rocking.

Wednesday is offnight. That means Kara and ZA for those who want to, and I decided to pick up and lead a ZA group. 9 guildies and a great pug mage. It was the best geared ZA group I've ever had, everyone in vent and speaking english with several people I knew. And it failed. Hard.

Started with Eagle. The hunter didn't know to pull the tempest. He did the 'exploit' on a windwalker, started the whole event, and never pulled the tempest. We ran around started fighting waves. We lost a couple of people because there we just too many things running around. We made it to the first boss with plenty of time left. We wiped because we lost one of our 2 healers. We wiped again because both healers went oom too fast. We killed him on attempt 3. Tankadin got the punisher--the best news of the night.

After a terribly tough first boss, everything went down hill. The trash to the bear boss caused deaths because people couldn't agree on who to heal. The mage got tired of the bullshit before bear, and we called it because we were all too frustrated to play well.

On a side note, I now know that we're simply not prepared to 2-heal ZA. I had never tried it before and I won't try it again until we all have much better gear.

TLDR Version and my question to the community:
There was only 1 true mistake in the run (the tempest stuff). It wasn't even a game-breaking mistake. Yet the run fell to pieces.

I made no real mistakes tanking. Threat was fine and I never had trouble surviving. But I was the leader. I feel like it was my duty to hold the run together after the frustration began. I failed, and when there isn't a serious and apparent mistake made, failure falls on the raid leader's shoulders. But's it's over now. The only thing I care about is this:

What did I do wrong and how could I have been better? I never want to put myself or my friends through that bullshit again.

08-28-2008, 01:02 PM
There is a temptation for 10 mans that lots of people have experience with to just be on auto-pilot and let the group take care of it. For many, this works. Sometimes more direction is required and as RL that is your job.

At the first hint of anything going off track, you should make sure that you have control and nudge it back. It doesn't have to be forceful with you dictating every aspect of everything. See what is needed and provide it. People can't agree on how to heal, call it out. Make sure veryone knows what they are doing if you aren't sure. If someone doesn't understand their job, explain it.

You need to make sure you have control. It sounds like your group needed a little more specific direction. It wasn't that they weren't capable but just were disorganized. Once frustration sets in you have to work harder to get everyone on track.

Some groups can run on auto pilot but even the best ones need a nudge here and there. We have run Kara so much that we are wearing tracks in the floor but we still hit the highlights on some pulls just to make sure there is no confusion. If we get to the Prince and don't know what healing is I ask. If they don't specify some dispelling the SWP, I make sure someone picks it up. 90% of the time it is covered but that 10% can really bite you in the backside.

Good luck.

08-28-2008, 02:03 PM
For your guilds level of gear running with two healers also might have been a problem. As a RL; especially since you're the tank as well; it's your job to handle the tempo, direction and assignments for your raid. Without organization even the best raid can fail.