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08-25-2008, 04:36 PM
I'm a warrior, prot usually. I'm a casual player holding out for WoTLK. I just finished my epic mount unfortunately and am left with little to do as I'm not a hardcore raider. 10 man content, 25 man up to mags because theres nobody else willing to tank an add at 11 aclock at night, rofl -sigh-

so I'm gonna start arenaing, but right now I arena with a mage. We usually get schooled but we laugh and have a good time and get a few points which will eventually lead to season 3 pieces. I've got some fairly in depth questions that I have looked for on the internet but this site has been a huge source of information for setting up my tank I figure somebody will know something about this.

Engineering for goggles / Blacksmithing for really cool weapons and I'm hoping it gets buffed in WoTLK - is this smart (skin/mine atm, for money)

deep thunder > S2 mace / sword? farming the mats isn't an issue. I'm curious as to whether the stun effects override eachother (if they stack, thats obscenely overpowered and sounds hilareous, because then you could just step back and intercept..., by then the other guy is dead)

and finally, do you get more points for playing 3 teams? I read that its balanced by what you do best in, and since I'm not gonna do amazing in any level of team, I'd rather farm gold for that respec then play 10 games.

and is a mage viable in a warrior 3s team? I want to play a more serious 3s game, even if it means dropping my mage friend, he'll find his place in a RPM team if he wants to keep on playing, as he obscenely outgears me. (tier5/6)

or should I drop the idea and reroll rogue and go have fun in world PvP? =P

08-25-2008, 11:47 PM
Tough question to answer, is W/M/X viable to 2200+? Probably not unless you really outskill your opposition. Is W/M/X viable to 1800? Sure. That "X" will be the determining factor. Of the 4 healing classes, I would say priest or druid would be your best choices with which one is better being personal prefrence.

A priest gives you dispel to keep you mobile and with the mage de-cursing CoT/CoEx shouldnt effect your team at all. Your team will be vulnerable to viper sting, wound poison, mind-numbing poison and crippling poison, they will all be big factors you will have no options against. (The mage can ibeclock, but that doesnt help you or the priest) Expect your opponents to go after you a lot in this comp so last stand would probably be manditory. You still need the healing debuff however unless the mage is from Awesomeville and can kill 2 guys himself. Concussion blow wouldn't be horrible in this team either, as you will need to survive some burst damage. This is a decent counter-comp to R/M/P but W/R/D would probably eat you alive.

The druid brings HoT's, abolish, and un-paralleled CC options for a healer. Your team will eat all magic effects with a druid healing and 95% of those magical effects will be focused on you in this grouping, which will frustrate you to the point of wanting to smash your keyboard quite often as you sit helpless vs teams gibbing your partners. This comp is solid against W/R/D but will have issues vs. R/M/P.

In either choice of healer any team with both a rogue and warlock on it would be your hard counter no matter what healer they would run with. You would be free points to Rouge/warlock and either priest/druid/pally and quite possibly a 3rd dps member instead of a healer, but luckily there aren't to many of those comps running around. As long as you have fun and set realistic expectations for your comp you can still do well.

08-26-2008, 01:16 AM
deep thunder > S2 mace / sword?

Nether Vortex can be bought, get 5 of those and Stormherald and you're set.

08-26-2008, 03:02 AM
Nether Vortex can be bought, get 5 of those and Stormherald and you're set.

I thought the pattern to learn stormherald dropped in SSC? I'll never see SSC on my warrior, I know that much.

08-26-2008, 09:25 AM
Stormherald is trained by the blacksmith trainer.

Vortexes drop in SSC but you can purchase them on the AH or trade in 15 badges for 1 I believe.