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08-21-2008, 01:38 AM
Phalanx on Kor'gall EU (PvP) is looking for more minions, err, raiders.

We're a rather small, international hardcore raiding guild. Our primary focus in raiding is beating the endgame. However we do encourage and participate in PvP where this does not interfere with our PvE progression. We killed M'uru and soon we're going to show the boss who's boss.

We're looking for...
At this point it's not important what gear you have or if you intend to reroll for Wrath. We're not looking for a small term fix to our rooster either. You are the right person for us, if you want to find a new raiding guild for WotLK and beyond. You want to raid competively and have previous high end raiding experience. Most of the people in our guild are playing WoW since the beginning of time. And many of us became even real life friends by now. If you'd like to be part of our cozy community, this is the chance. We're currently open for all classes.

We are running raids on average four days of the week. In general our raids start at 19:30 and end at 23:00. We sometimes extend these times for progression, thought it's the exception and not the rule. Since we are focusing on quality raids over quantity it is expected that raiders come fully prepared and focused.

During time of progression we employ burst management. We drop old instances from our raiding schedule and extend our raid days. In exchange, we cut down on raiding during the summer months. We usually have a break in raiding during the Christmas time.

We are a closed community with chosen members. Therefore we will not invite friends and family. Though we have social ranks for our veterans. We are dedicated players that expect a high level of skill from new members.

Generally we run with a tight rooster. Raiders are expected to have an attendance of at least 80%. Thereby there is no such thing as a backup or halftime spot - every raider is expected to meet 80% attendance. Rotations might be necessary but will not influence our members loot priority.

To be considered for recruitment, an application form has to be filled out on posted on the forum. The application will be reviewed by the whole guild. After being considered for a full time raider spot, there is a trial period of around 4 weeks.

We choose our new recruits based on personality, maturity, past raiding experiences, the knowledge of their class, their drive for progress, their english skills, computer hardware and connection. They should not be afraid to talk on Ventrilo and need to be fun to have around.

Loot Distribution
We will try to distribute loot in such a way that:

* Players that invest more time gain proportionally more than those that invest less
* It helps the guild to progress
* Leaders have little to no special advantage

Since loot is not our primary focus, we employ a simple DKP system with a loot council component. Priority is checked by seniority (raider > trial > casual), main spec over offspecs and attendance. Players who are on standby due to rotations will not be punished by losing priority.

Hardware and Connection
Every member must generally be able to perform under raid conditons. Your connection must be reliable enough to not disconnect constantly, that you are not lagging badly or have to reconnect frequently. Your hardware must be on top of displaying a large number of characters and/or mobs. You must be able to do your job reliably under these conditions.

Main Characters
The balance of the guild is based upon people playing and progressing their main characters. Therefore it is expected that our players focus on developing a main character. You must bring this character on all official raids. Hybrids are encouraged to play and excel in more than their main spec. We encourage alts who play a different raid role than main characters. Though main characters are given priority in all aspects.

Contact Details
If you think, we might be the guild for you feel free to have a talk with Scurr, Aryi, Tarea or Salewen ingame. Check out our forums, our guild charter(!) and the recruitment application. If you’d like to get an idea about our raids also check out our movies. Illidan or Brutallus are recommended. If you prefer to make a non-public application feel free to whisper the named players ingame about it.


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We're still looking for a tank...

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