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I've already stated that you guys need to cool it with the "quote" and attack type posts. This latest one, although not as harsh, still follows that format, and you're still arguing the same thing over and over again, something that none of us are even sure about yet because the Beta is still in it's early/middle stages. Like Lore clearly states in his post after yours, Blizz is trying to give us all the ability to tank so that regardless of which 2-4 tanks a raid has, they can progress.
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3. Even ignoring the above, penalizing hybrid classes for flexibility makes flexibility a total bunch of bull.

Well I disagree. Blizzards stated intention, still on the website, is that hybrids will not excel at any task or be as good as a class designed for the purpose, but will have many abilities and be very versatile. Paladins and druids do not have to respec to heal, brez, innervate, bop, lay on hands, give 30 minute buffs, etc. These are abilities they always have access to (obviously depending on circumstances).

As a prot Warrior I can never, no matter what my talent build or circumstances, perform the abilities of a healing class. I can only, with a gear swap out of combat, perform sad dps.

so it seems simple to me unless something changes, which of course it may. Prot warrior = tank, paly and druid prot = same tank + hybrid abilities

Equality is not achieved, they are superior classes it seems?