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08-18-2008, 08:23 AM
So i wwas browsing bosskillers.com Morogrim Tidewalker strat and i was amazed to see it called for 9 healers. Seriously? We're making first attempts on him tonight before the reset since we got lurker and hydross downed last night.

But really 9 healers? I know me, the mt, can take some serious spike dmg usually resulting in death but up to this point i've been getting away with 1 dedicated healer and a tree to throw hots on occasionally.

As far as strats go we generally run with 4-5 tanks, 2 being pallies the rest wars, and 6 healers. Healers change alot, so healing assigns are just given out according to whose there. I'm going to have the raid pack in closely behind tidewalker, then ill turn him to the left when he gets to 25%. About 4 healers on me, 2 healers on waterygraves focusing on the pallies for the murlocs. Ill probably have the other warrior tank whose as geared as i am, "offtanking" just getting aggro incase i die.

Anything i should specifically note other than his abilities, any advice on other strats? With a imp in party i buff to 23k hp, without 22k.

08-18-2008, 09:12 AM
bosskillers is going to become increasingly useless as you progress, and yes will generally advise more healers than necessary. these were strats used by early progression groups that had less gear, and less time to try different strats that are available now.

however you will find that your 4-5 tanks are overkill and wasted spots much of the time. i would advise getting decent healing gear for a couple of the tanks. 3 dedicated tanks is the most you will ever need. and 7-8 healers will help a lot.

tidewalker will put your healers to the first real test. MT damage is extremely spiky and a druid would be largely wasted on you. they are better suited to healing the water spouts or possibly the pally tank. with 6 healers itll take a lot of coordination to get everyone covered. also, with fewer healers itll be a bit harder to get your pally tank top of the threat for the murlocs.

08-18-2008, 09:18 AM
Tidewalker is a very healing intensive fight. The tank will take a lot of spike damage, especially a warrior since he hits fast enough to use up your SB charges and crush. I'm sure the BK healer recommendation is based on a group in Kara and some SSC gear, prior to the availability of 2.3 and 2.4 badge gear. I would say 8 is playing it safe and you could probably do it with 7, 6 may be dicey.

Three healers can keep the tank up, but you will sometimes get unlucky and have 2 of those healers watery graved at the same time. You'll need raid healers to heal the earthquake damage (after Murlocs are under control), tidal wave melee damage, and to be able to step in on tank healing when MT healers get watery graved. You'll also have people in watery graves during murlocs as well, but 1 healer can usually take care of watery graves.

I would dispense with the OT idea, better to have the tank just dps. You'll gimp your dps too much by making them stay under the OT. Your OT will get watery graved, during which, he will not be generating threat. You may want to keep your murloc tank(s) out of watery grave range to prevent them from getting graved as the murlocs spawn/get to them.

08-18-2008, 01:33 PM
We go in with 7 healers and 2 pally tanks. We send 1 pally, a lock and 2 healers down south to tank and kill those murlocs as well as heal the watery grave victims. Similar setup up north but those two healers are also raid healing. 3 healers on MT at all times. We have the whole raid up in a corner to force the murlocs to come down single file making it easier to pick up. Any other OT should assist the northern pally (where the raid is).

We have downed him every week since adopting this strategy.

08-18-2008, 03:50 PM
we've been having crappy raid attentdance lately, i know 5 tanks is overkill, i know it everytime i have to give out tank assignments, but of a 120 member guild we barely get 30 ppl on raid nights to show FTW.

the gm usually does the raid invites so i will heavily adivse her to go for 7 healers, but more than likely 6 will show. im quite confident in one of my pally tanks, the others fairly new but isnt as geared, ive never been confident with our healers. hell last za we got 1 timed chest cause healers let both tanks die on the first double bear+rider pull on bear boss...

ill ditch the ot, run with 4 tanks just have the other war in dps gear. how far away do they have to be to be out of grave range? i guess in general relation to the hallway entrance/grave sites.

08-18-2008, 09:48 PM
My warrior's guild runs with 7-6 healers. I'd hear things like "Our healers are good! They can heal the equivalent of 8-9 healers." Yeah, yeah, but can they be in 8-9 places at a time?

I'm the MT for morogrim and I usually have 2-3 dedicated healers, depending on how many healers we staff. To second what Derrick says, most if not all of the time when I die, it's because the other healers get water-tombed and I'm left with 1 resto druid rolling lifeblooms on me. Resto druids are awful as MT healers for this fight and extra healers are for situations where you lose too many healers to tomb, and must compensate. (I've seen that happen many times)

08-18-2008, 11:44 PM
Well we dowed him on our 2nd attempt. First night.

Raid wasn't really stacking behind him but semi-spread out first time giving the pallies hell to tank, and aoe'ers and healers died fairly quickly 66%. Healer makup being priest, pally, tree, shammy x4. the priest, pally and tree on me. I did notice the hots just evening out the spike dmg, a few times i saw i survived with 2k hp or less because of a tick inbetween heals. the times i spiked so low were because the priest died, murlocs + grave, he was brezed. and another time pally was graved.

Got lucky our 2nd attempt only having a pally tank tombed once and two of my healers tombed once not at the same time. Too bad his loot was suckish, the pvp ring, then hunter and shammy mail. our enh shammy wasnt raiding tonight and hunters had better...o well.

08-19-2008, 05:29 AM
Got lucky our 2nd attempt only having a pally tank tombed once and two of my healers tombed once not at the same time. Too bad his loot was suckish, the pvp ring, then hunter and shammy mail. our enh shammy wasnt raiding tonight and hunters had better...o well.

If you end up having trouble with that, you can work around it. If you pull Morogrim into the hallway leading to Fathom Lork Karatheras, then the pally and warlock can both out-range the watery grave and the earthquake by positioning where Morogrim was originally standing (as will the watery grave healers and the pally healer). Once he stops using watery graves and goes to globules, just have everyone converge on his legs again. The Globules won't go past the entrance to the hallway, so if the raid is inside the hallway, they will be safe.

Of course this strat requires a few things:

1. Only the murloc pally tank heals the token warlock (who has BoL, Amp Magic, and Fel Armor on). If someone else tries to heal the warlock at anytime, call em out on vent till they get the idea.
2. Healers suspend raid healing until the murlocs are under control. So no chain heals, AoE heals, etc. Just heal the MT during that time frame (which is the only person who really needs healing at that point anyway as the raid has time to wait).
3. The warlock lifetaps down to less than 2k health (he won't get earthquaked down there) and the pally tosses about 3 holy lights on him. This grabs the murlocs via healing aggro (this is why there is no raid healing..only MT healing). When the globules are coming and everyone is at his feet, the warlock only lifetaps down to about 8K health (the earthquake will eat some more), or you can do it however you like at that point.

Here is a (boring) video of the process:
YouTube - Fahrenheit vs. Morogrim Tidewalker (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gi9s_z9pNTk)

08-23-2008, 11:44 PM
it didnt seem to be a problem, we had 2 pally tanks, and everyone converging in one spot so we did get lucky in having neither tank tombed at the same time. but when the one pally was tombed the other seemed to manage just fine picking up all of them.

kinda like what i said when the raid actually converged on his ass there really wasnt a problem picking up the the murlocs. healers seemed a little more on spot too. but i was fairly surprised that we did so well the moment we all converged on him, cause before we didnt get to the globule phase, but when we did i turned him and everyone followed suit and just watched the blue balls of death(lol) despawn. it was kinda frantic the last 5% getting the murlocs in the hallway cuz the pallies had to adjust to the new positioning, but did so wonderfully well.

we'll eventually attempt fathomlord when we start getting hydross downed more consistently. we got lurker down pretty pat.

08-25-2008, 01:04 AM
FLK is easy, HKM with different abilities. As long as you have a decent tank on the shaman and smart healers for him/her and MT healers that can outrange a totem then it's a piece of cake. Easier than Hydross/Lurker.

08-25-2008, 10:26 AM
Tidewalker hits like a truck and FLK hits like a girl heh
I think it's a pretty easy encounter after Morogrim ;D

Have quick/smar DPS to bring down Spitfire Totems fast, a good geared Tank on shammy and you're set.