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Since pretty much every idea I would have had on this subject has already been mentioned, I'll just reinterate something I've seen mentioned by a few people....

When I first realized Blizzard was trying to make tanking more fun for the "masses" I instantly had a bad feeling about that. Why? Because dpsers can often spam the same button over and over again to achieve their goal. What I have always enjoyed most about tanking is that it's a tough. When things start to become too easy, I simply leave out an a CC. When the day comes that I can, as a prot war, tank heroic SH with no CC, no wipes, no deaths, and do it all under the time limit, then maybe I'll think something more fun should be added. But until then I'm still a fan of tanking as it is now. The last thing I want to see is tanking becoming something that every other dpsers in the game wants to do. I simply can't imagine how they will be able to make it more fun for other classes to try out without also making it less fun for me, i.e. taking away the finese required to tank well. I enjoy the fact that tanks are in demand and that dpsers are a dime a dozen. I have a feeling Blizzard wants to help facilitate raiding and 5 mans by helping to alleviate the lack of tanks. But, the solution to this isn't to make it an easier job. Doing that will just make current tanks, the really good tanks, the tried and true tanks, less likely to want to tank once they see johny-mc-button-spammer switching to tanking after he hears how easy Blizzard has made it. Summation... Tanking is fun because it's a challenge. You can't do it while you're half alseep. You can, however, dps quite well while you're half alseep. That's why a good tank is hard to find and why not that many people tank. Take away that aspect of the game and you've officially made tanking a loss less fun.