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08-16-2008, 02:37 AM
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I know I have been spending most of my time on tanking issues. It's hard to be everywhere at once. I'm sure the casters feel neglected too. :(

As you guys know, the Rage mechanic is cool but very sensitive to changes. It's surprisingly easy to make warriors Rage-starved or Rage-infinite so we tend to tread carefully. But here are a few random thoughts.

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1) Heroic leap and Bladestorm are very awkward to use, especially in PVP, nigh unusable right now. Are there plans to make these stronger, or at least more user friendly?

Totally. We like the basic talents, so the rest is just getting the tuning right and fixing all the bugs. Heroic Leap will probably be trickier just because it has to handle physics and obstructions.

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2) Titan's Grip is mathematically pretty terrible right now and severely devalues attack power for a fury warrior using it. It does almost universally less DPS than a one handed weapon fury build.

The design is for Titan's Grip to be a dps increase. It's easy to make it too much of an increase, and we may be being too cautious with the numbers at the moment. But when we talk about Lich King, we are assuming most Fury warriors are using two-handers. It's not supposed to be hard decision.

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3) Most talents beyond Tier 3 in arms are staggeringly bad for PVE right now, with the exception of blood frenzy. Is this intended to balance blood frenzy? Will we see any improvements here? Do you intend to go the route of feral with arms and build multiple effects onto talents to give them PVP/PVE usefulness the way feral gets DPS/tanking talents?

Given plenty of time, we would love to sprinkle PvP, PvE and tanking talents all throughout the trees. There are definitely some lame talents at the moment (some old, some new), and we are going to try to get to them all. Blood Frenzy itself is going to be on the back-burner until we resolve how we're going to handle raid stacking. It isn't the intention that Arms gets to raid and Fury goes home.

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4) The changes to windfury and sword specialization have destroyed the slam rotation for arms in terms of DPS viability. Arms warriors simply don't have the rage for a full rotation without them, even specing to endless rage and anger management. We're in a very similar state now to ret paladins live, enough or close to enough skills to provide powerful damage output but hamstrung by resource limitations, are there any plans to fix that? Judgments of the wise was a brilliant fix, any chance we could see something similar in arms to improve PVE DPS?

Slam is intended to be an attractive button. I think it just needs a little attention now that the extra attacks are under control now.

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5) Fury's top end talents ignore PVE DPS almost entirely in their current form, TG while cool is a spec for burst over sustained damage and has the same rage issues that arms does only more severe with reduced attack speed and increased miss chance. Heroic leap does very little damage and the stun effect is not useful in dungeon or raid settings so its almost exclusively a PVP talent (its targeting issues not withstanding). Bloodsurge and Furious Resolve are workable but the other new talents don't add a lot to fury and quite honestly you'll likely see fury raiders as 16/47/8 or something similar, keeping their exact old build plus bloodsurge or furious resolve, taking advantage of the better impale/deep wounds placements and grabbing improved bloodrage, tactical mastery, and Incite out of prot. Is that intended? Do the devs thing fury was in a good spot in TBC? Do they think we need a step up? or a step down?

There were certainly Fury warriors doing fine dps in BC, but that might have been in spite of and not because of the tree. I don't think anyone here would disagree with your analysis. We're working on the talents. The feedback from the warrior community, while occasionally (and sometimes understandably) bitter, has been helpful.

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I think a 20% down to 0% haste penalty for TG will make it a stellar talent at high end gear with better returns coming from one handers until a fair bit of hit rating and haste are acquired to smooth out the rage, 21/50/0 seems like a good raid build with that change, maxing out TG and picking up impale/deep wounds and 2 hander spec out of arms.

It's still a little odd that 1 talent point gets you the dual-wielding and the others just improve it, but maybe that's workable. We'll know soon enough. We love the idea of the talent though. It is one of those that gets noticed a lot by someone just coming to LK.

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6) you've mentioned balancing blood frenzy in arms against the personal DPS of fury. Have you considered adding a buff of similar magnitude to deep fury? Something like 3% crit or haste added to battle shout, or similar? Such that you could equalize the personal DPS potential of the two trees without making arms warriors clearly superior in raids.

Yes. We wanted to make Arms as attractive as Fury for raids, but we probably tipped the scales too far. We're currently discussing whether it's okay for any class or spec to bring no real synergy to a group other than mad dps. But granting buffs to traditional high dps classes might also mean their dps needs to come down a little in proportion to everyone else.

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7) Can we add prot's passive expertise talent back on incite to help out DPS warriors even more by letting them pick up some expertise for a minor prot splash? (sorry, I have to bring up the expertise in every thread, it being gone really bothers me)

We weren't trying to screw anyone out of Expertise by removing Defiance. It was intended to just be a buff. We'll see if we can work Expertise back in somewhere.

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Honestly we'd appreciate any insight (no pun intended) you can give us on DPS specs.

I (we I'm sure) appreciate all the feedback you've given to prot warriors and the time you've taken to listen to our concerns, but I think its time to share some love with my fellow warriors who prefer the shiny white and yellow numbers to the big red ones.

While I have a soft spot for tanks, I try not to play favorites. I wish I could spend more time in all the forums than I do. But the CMs and many on the dev team do read the forums every day. We can't always respond, because it takes time to craft words in a way that doesn't make us sound ignorant and doesn't scare anyone. Blue posts tend to get quoted a lot. :)