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No offense is meant anyone, but is this the best community to ask if tanking is "fun?"

I remember when TBC was in beta, I was still in Iraq but I could access the WoW forums on occasion. When the Protection Paladin changes were made, and people started theorycrafting, the first thing I did was go the warrior forums and read Satrina's Evil Empire Guide. I was immediately overwhelmed with the amount of information that a raid worthy tank needs to know. Defense Rating needed to be uncritable? Crushing Blows? TPS? The difference between Shield Block Rating and Shield Block Value?

This is the mere tip of the iceberg, for a paladin throw in the various spell mechanics, and you have something that only the dedicated and the insane will begin.

I think Blizzard made a bad statement with the word "fun." I think the better word would be "accessible." Blizzard wants to make tanks more easy to access for everyone. The way to do that is easier mechanics, more damage (big numbers on the screen!), and giving all tanks a way to handle more than 1 mob at a time (one of the valid complaints of warriors).