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You could also block certain level players from entering instances. Too many players reach level 70 without knowing how to play their class in groups because they get run through by players at the level cap. Once at 70, then people won't even go into instances unless everyone's overgeared (LF1M kara must have all epics and downed prince, anyone?). Priests who don't know how to heal, rogues who don't know how to sap, and tanks who don't know how to tank exist because of this problem. Tanks who don't know how to tank are prime candidates for dps specs.

I totally agree with this. There are far to many players (not just tanks) that get to 70 and want to hit Kara, right away. They have never even stepped foot in a regular 5 man or let alone a heroic.

For those of us that grinded faction rep for the "blues" so we could tank heroics to get the "better blues", just so we could step foot in Kara for the first time, this is a slap in the face.