View Full Version : PvP Warrior gear system

08-12-2008, 01:51 PM
So after playing a rogue for quite a long while and doing the PvE warrior tanking thing I've decided to move over to the PvP world for awhile.

Now I've had access to AEP and Tankpoints respectively for my previous experiences and they made life "easier". After looking around I couldn't really find a system for PvP warriors. (rogues have AEP for pvp and MAEP for pve).

So I tossed together a rough system myself, did a bit of balancing on it and i think I'm at a good base spot.

If someone knows a good system in place let me know and direct me there.

Here's what I've created on my own. Please take a look and see if there are any glaring issues you see. Obviously this might be a tad biased to my personal offensive stat gearing style.

Note before you comment on some of the values, go ahead and compare gear items, some values might seem low for what they are granting (armor pen for instance) but those stats come in larger numbers on gear, so a larger allocation of "Warrior points" (WP from now on) would greatly inflate those items.

1 strength = 100 WP

1 stamina = 50 WP
1 AttkPow = 40 WP
1 crit = 75 WP (22 crit = 1% 1crit = .04%)
1 hit = 60 WP (16 hit = 1% 1 hit = 0.06%)
1 agi = 50 WP (1 agi = .03% crit)
1 resil = 75 WP
1 pen = 25 WP
1 armor = 1 WP