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08-12-2008, 10:05 AM
Hey, before starting, just want to say Thanks to Ciderhelm and members posting info on the site, really does help, and I'm sure helps with others aswell.

I've just started Tanking for another a month now after hitting 70, and PvP'd most of the time. However, I soon reliased that the same UI wasn't effective for tanking. I've tanked most of the normal instances and a few heroics, but can't hold more than 2 mobs.

Just wanted know some tips for any mods and specfic UIs to be referred to, if possible maybe a Full UI if that would help me become a better tank.

Note: My resolution is only 1024x786, just in case that has any effect on anything.

Also, I see alot of Warrior tanking macros about and I can't get them to work to my favor. By work as in, I just can't use them properly, so if possible, what are the most essential tanking. I have a Razer Tarantula keyboard, which has macro buttons, reckon I should use them? Plus my mouse has buttons on it, them too?

Any help would be HIGHLY appericated. Just want to be a better tank ;]


08-12-2008, 11:11 AM
Well, I'm pretty new here as well, but I think if you take look at Xav's UI in this forum section and also the "Show your interface thread" you will get some great ideas for customizing your interface.

As far as holding mobs/threat, I'd suggest reading all you can on TankSpot. There's plenty of useful guides on building threat and holding aggro(Also see above link). Along that train of thought, Omen is nice addon for your TPS(although some people have reported some major flux since the last patch, fyi).

And as for macro's, I was using them prior to coming here but its better not to rely on them to much. I still use a few general things like for mounts, potions, etc. but overall I think most people here seem to agree it's best to fine tune your rotation on your own.

There's a ton of useful info and smart people here willing to help.

08-12-2008, 12:02 PM
Good to know ^_^, helps knowing people what problems occur when being a tank; unlike PuGs lol.

Xav's UI looks pretty good, after looking it and most UIs on the forum, I see they almost always have their own portrait and target portrait near their character is, looking from it I know why thats good (saves looking away from the action), I mean I used the default every since 1-70 and it's gonna take a while to get used to; as with all the UI changes. Another thing is, most people are running high resolution, which I ain't, which I think may hinder me in a way, but gotta make do with what I have ^_^

Just gotta keep looking for the time being