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08-12-2008, 05:57 AM
OK, first off, im new to tanking. My first 2 toons were a lock and mage. But i rather enjoy threat mitigation, and the responsibilities that come with that.

Hers a link to my armory
The World of Warcraft Armory (http://www.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Hyjal&n=Necrotyre)

The problem im having is that every healer class except for a priest has a hard time healing me, they say im taking too much damage.

I know i could probably resocket a few pieces to up my dodge/parry, but only by 8 or so, so not sure if its worth it.

Not sure if its me, or that drood, shammy heals come too slow. Like i said, i have priests heal me and ive tanked kara to the prince, whereas last night i ran Heroic Slave Pens, and got crush by the destroyers as our mage didnt feel comfortable kiting. Ive seen them both tanked at the same time before, but burning shield wall for 1/3 mob sets makes no sense?

Please Critisize, and bash idc, i need some info.

Thanks a ton,


08-12-2008, 07:27 AM
to be honest with you i think it might be a problem with your healers. your gear is not too bad for being a new to tanking your HP and armor look decent, u do lack a bit of avoidance but that all comes with gear as you progress through the game. also dont waste gold on resocketing u wanna put 12stams in everything for the time being :). in my first night in kara i had far less superior gear to you and i was just fine. all it is is that your healers have to work a little harder due to the fact that u might not be as geared as the tanks they are used to healing. the best advice i could give you is run heroics until you drop and try to get into kara with some buds that have it on farm status, u can easily O.T. kara without any problems. if u save up your badges u can get your stats up in no time with all the amazing badge gear available also get the neck and shield from SSO rep they are both great tanking items for starting and even mid-progression tankz. if u take my advice in about a month u should have all the T6/T5 lvl tanking gear depending on your available play time. also make sure u read all the great guides in this site (if u havent already done so :D) they will help u become an educated/skilled tank (with some practice ofcourse). dont let lazy healers get you down, nobody is born rocking t6, bulwark of AZZI, and the brutilizer we all started where youre at, it just takes time and lots of patience (trust me i knowz :D). anyways good luck and keep on tankin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

08-12-2008, 08:11 AM
necrotyre, your gear looks fine for your level. You have even gone above and beyond by picking up several BoE crafted pieces. The SSO neck and shield are great additions and their sword: Inuuro's Blade, available at revered, would even be a good upgrade for you.

As Kyvaan said, study the guides here and see what you can learn. For heavy hitters, make sure you have thunderclap and demo shout up at all times. Also, it never hurts to throw out a disarm or stun. Finally, you may need to use shield block to further mitigate the damage.

You will always run into lazy players in PuGs that want an easy ride. Just keep at it and you will be fine!