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08-12-2008, 04:22 AM

Taunt increases the Hate generated by a Soldier when a mob is damaged. The higher the Soldiers Taunt skill the greater the amount the Hate generated. At least that is currently my understanding.
However my understanding of Taunt is a little shaky, so I have some questions that hopefully somebody can answer.

1. Is Taunt automatic (applied to all damage) or is it Proc based.
a. If it is Proc based, does anybody know what the Proc chance is?

2. To what extent does Taunt increase the Hate generated? Is it a percentage of the Damage or completely independent and dependent only on the Taunt Value.

3. Does Taunt have a diminishing return as hate values rise?

4. Do each tick of a DOT activate the Taunt mechanic / The first tick / or when the DOT proc's.