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08-11-2008, 09:51 AM
I'm looking for some advice for the situation I'm in.

Since I hit 70, I have been focusing on gearing up in order to be accepted into a guild to raid 25 man content. Recently, I picked up the last of the badge tanking gear I needed and have started to search for a guild but I have had little success. I wanted to find a guild that was running SSC or TK, but as it turns out there is no horde side guild on my server that is currently raiding that content. Of the three guilds that are raiding all of them are either deep into BT or in sunwell, start raiding before I come home from work, and also aren't looking for new tanks.

I'd server transfer, but I have personal friends who play on this server and my coworker and another friend even transfered here or started a new character in order to play with me.

Me, my real life friends, and a few people we met on the server have formed a guild and had moderate success pugging kara and za, but the runs are long and I don't feel that everybody that is a founding member has the correct attitude to start running 25 man content. For example, our most successful ZA run we got two timed chests but the group broke up because one of our founding members (a resto shaman) didn't get a melee dps cape over a under performing rogue we puged when we clearly said that primary specs will be granted priority over off specs.

I've been considering trying to form my own guild, but I don't want to alienate the people in the guild I'm in. I'm also worried that I won't be able to get people to join considering I have no 25 man raiding experience.

What would your course of action be? Start a new guild? See if I can get our current guild to start working on SSC? Keep farming badges to get epic gems and hope another guild forms to raid T5 content? Farm badges and work on my fury gear?

08-21-2008, 06:54 AM
I'd either jump realm, and explain to your friends, why, and ask them to come with you, if they are after some hardcore 25man raiding, I'm sure they'd want to come with you.

I was in a similar position on Sporregar with only 1 guild doing SWP Alliance side, and a couple doing SSC/TK.

But also I wouldn't perhaps worry about it too much, with WotLK coming out, you shouldn't get yourself stressed out over gear which will be useless in a few months. Perhaps try getting some nice fury gear together, so you can fly to 80 asap.

But if it is defnitly 25mans your after, switch realm, you could get 25men together then find out some of them don't cut it, or have RL problems, or dont show up. It takes a while to get a great raiding guild together.

Another note, try going for timers in ZA, one of the harder, 10man challenges, and a nice reward at the end.