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08-11-2008, 09:31 AM
Hey guys and gals. I'm always looking to make myself the best tank that I can possibly be. I love constructive Criticisms.

So if you all wouldn't mind when you got a second. Take a look at my gear and tell me what you think. Gear,gems,enchants..and my trinkets.

Thanks guys and help me make myself a better tank!!! :D

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08-11-2008, 07:00 PM
pretty easy:

Helm: regem it. Stam/Stun meta...Block value....is, defensively for the illidan fight...and threat wise going to bring your shield slam dmg up a TINY amount, there are other ways to acheive better threat these days than sacrificing HP. Also Drop the defense gem for a pure stam.... consider looking into the ZA helm and stacking it with 3x 15 stam, gems.. if thats not an option...atleast consider effective health over pummeling your defense #s into the ground..

Neck: Awesome. especially since your scryer for some strange reason.

Shoulders: awesome...(though im still not into the scryer rep for a tank)

Clock: seriously? get some dodge rating enchant for the thing.

Chest: 150HP....MUCH better

Bracers: awesome

Wpn: im an executioner guy., but thats a war for another day...so awesome.

Shield: awesome.

Trinkets: Commendation is awesome. the card..is like...an effective health thing...fine for boss fights...but get a shard of contempt...or an autoblock...or BOTH for trash.

Rings: get the 60 badge ring.

Boots: dont gem for parry...dont...gem...for...parry. STAM plz.

Legs: perfect.

Belt: perfect

Hands: 2%threat.