View Full Version : How Yakhmar's Adds Work -- Broken Aggro List

08-08-2008, 07:22 PM
This mechanic is frustrating and allows easy exploiting to guilds on raid encounters. I'll list the details specifically in relation to Yakhmar.

The Aggro List
Adds will always aggro to the first person to join the first group (most of the time this is the raid leader). This will happen 100% of the time on any pull, so long as that person is alive. Once that person is dead, the adds will then go to the next person who was invited to the party. It will go in order of invites until the first group is killed.

To easily designate who is getting the adds, simply make your first priority player the party leader and have them individually kick and reinvite players in the order that you want adds to come. You can switch this safely at any time to get other tanks ready in case the first tank goes down.

The person who has priority can be anywhere in the zone and the adds will go for them. They do not need to engage.

If the person who has priority dies and releases before the next wave and does not zone back in, adds will never, under any circumstance, engage the raid again unless they are directly attacked. This effectively breaks the encounter.

The encounter is completable regardless: You can use CC such as AOE fears, etc., to get the attention of adds before they go straight for a tank or healer. Alternatively, just put the tank you want for the adds as the first player to join the first party (and, if he dies, don't have him release).

The issue is that it is 100% exploitable. This post is created so Funcom will act on the information soon; sending in petitions and PMs doesn't seem to work. Give us something more sensible.

As far as the rest of the encounter goes, for those guilds looking for accurate information:

1. Fire causes Lullaby. There's a lot of misinformation and a lot of people suggesting that Lullabies happen no matter what, but the fire does cause it.

2. Adds will always come at 45 second markers. They will come in packs of varying sizes, so you can adjust your DPS on Yakhmar depending on how much time it takes to bring down a particular pack.