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08-08-2008, 06:38 PM
Hi guys... Caoin (Caoni, now, for the time being) here. Some of you may know me from my guide posted here on Tankspot for new paladin tanks ( Caoin's Highly Opinionated Guide to Not Sucking as a Paladin Tank (http://www.tankspot.com/forums/tankspot-library/33167-new-paladin-tank-guide.html)). My guild recently lost a warrior tank, and we are looking to replace him. Currently we are only running with one warrior tank who is not able to make 100% of our raids, leaving us with no warrior tank whatsoever some nights, and that's just no good.

So here I am, on TankSpot (aka Tank Central), trawling my nets to see if I can pick up a good warrior tank.

Here is what you'd be getting yourself into. ;)

Who we are:
<Anunnaki> on Ysera is a fairly new guild comprised of the members of two guilds that have since disbanded. We are currently working on Kael'thas and with the rest of T5 clear and 4/5 MH on farm. We currently have cut most T5 from our raid schedule with exception of VR (for those who still need shoulders), Al'ar and FLK for attunement quests in order to obtain the Hand of Ad'al title and the epic rep reward ring. This means we require our recruits to be geared to handle the content we are working on.

When we raid:
Our raid times are from 8pm (formup)/8:30pm (first pull) to Midnight EST Sunday thru Thursday.

What we need:
We are currently recruiting one or two Protection spec warriors with 16k+ unbuffed health, T5+ level gear and a basic understanding of (if not firsthand experience with) the Kael'thas encounter and beginning encounters in Hyjal/BT.

We are currently looking to recruit ONLY raiders that can make 100% of our raid times (MT position!!)

What we expect:
~A positive attitude
~Ability to take criticism (in all its forms)
~Consistency in both performance and attendance
~High TPS generation
~Ability to deal with wiping on new content with a positive attitude
~A love for tanking. (i.e. A desire to tank raids and not change over to any other spec or class.)

We are also looking for people who understand that while we managed to clear 3/4 TK, 6/6 SSC and 4/5 MH in the course of two weeks, not every raid will be easy, and not every boss is going to be on instant farm status. Recruits MUST be able to handle wiping on new content and take repair and consumable costs as part of the bargain. You must be able to grin and bear it and come back for another beating the next raid night.

We require that max consumables are used for all progression nights. Our raid ranks are dynamic and depend on both performance and attendance. We use the EPGP system for loot distribution, however main tanks get priority on set pieces and offset tank items, followed by offtanks and healers, followed by DPS.

If you are interested, please contact Caoni in game or visit our website at:

Home : Anunnaki of Ysera (http://anunnaki-ysera.guildlaunch.com)

Thanks much. :)

09-01-2008, 05:16 PM

We are currently looking to fill our warrior main tank spot. This means 100% raid attendance requirement. We will consider someone slightly undergeared, but prefer someone geared for late T5/early T6 content.

Kael is currently down to a clean Phase 5. Break into BT with us!