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08-07-2008, 03:13 PM
let's see where to start.
---skip this wall of text, and proceed to drama if you like---
when i joined the priory on aggramar, i was a D3 hunter, and they were working on attumen.
after several months im a t4 hunter, recruiting and giving out the strats on new fights.
after a couple of exoduses of people leaving for higher content guilds, im promoted to officer and am leading some of the raids. i bring the strat, explain the fight, do the assignment that brings us our HKM/Gruul kill.
in no way do i claim the strats are my ideas ... i'm just spending the time to look stuff up.
another exodus over guild loot policy, i find ep/gp (best system ive seen) and am promoted to "co-gm".
we continue kara and start ZA when it comes out. with advice from this site, i push to get SSC TK added to the schedule. after some success i push for ML and MH/BT trash farms. MH trash farm turned into a rage kill o the 3rd run.
i get some push back from some ppl primarily two of the officers that've been around a year longer than i had. one kid that can't get his financial aid packet in on time argues math
... 5000 x .9 never gets to zero, no matter how many times you multiply by .9...
after four wipes on alar with this pally's plan of all dps on the adds since "each one takes off 3% of alars health" i push very hard in /o and we try only the 2 melee on adds, all ranged on alar ... we down him.
i even poke the guilds nose into SP for trash patterns and get this kid a BS pattern.
---- drama follows ----
GM's away for a week
i had to call several raids this week. including one where 18 people were on site, 30 online, including two officers on alts running ZF.
SSC raid time, 19 on site ( same two officers online but not there) lurker already down, no resist tanks for hydross, we'd tried the blind a couple of times 2 weeks before -- no luck. grumbles on vent about how we never run... i decide to give ppl a look at tidewalker... not a complicated fight.
takes us over 1.5 hours for the 7 pulls to get there. get a full raid along the way, including the two other officers. only 2-3 wipes but stopping to summon etc ... slowing us down. with 25 mins on the respawn timers. i start explaining the fight. i get two things wrong. murlocs come from both sides, and we don't have to split the ranged into two groups on either side of the ramp. 3 seconds into my explaination, a long time guildie mage starts posting another strat in /ra. saying we all need to stay in the tunnel behind him. i say the healers won't be able to reach the watery graved ppl. mage says that's what HoTs are for. the other two officers start lets try it the mage's way in /g and /ra. after a couple of minutes of this i say on vent "goddamnit im not making this up, ive read this on several sites and were going to try it this way first." we wipe. mage then lock pull off of tank, in the first couple of seconds... ghost run back i say on vent ok we'll try it the mage's way and pst him " but i sure as hell don't need you undermining me before the first pull on a new boss" he pst's back "fuck off, you're doing it wrong" and /gquits. i say on vent both sides of what was posted, as an expalination, while were setting up behind tidewalker and now several people say just START from here... i say ok, we do a bit better but wipe. respawns call the raid.
walk the dogs, 20 mins later i get back and get whispers saying that xyz players are pissed at me.
i post in /g "if you have problems with how i ran that raid tell me, post on the forums or run one yourself."
i'm accused of swearing and being mean. i apologise for saying goddamn, but ask how was i mean.
two more toons /gquit. one's an alt so i kick the main.
one toon argues but stays.
later that night i have to play the heavy again when a toon that talked trash about ppl in the guild in /1 and /2 is on the guild vent ... ventkick
next day -- as soon as i log on, i am told the the toon that argued but stayed was used to try to recruit someone out of the guild by a player of someone that quit.. R/L friends...
i post in /g (since i may have to play the heavy again) someone said "quiter" tried to recruit out of the guild on "argueer", is this true?
pallykidofficer tells me to stop -- i ask if recruiting from within the guild is acceptable?
work out that "argueer" is RL friends with "quiter" and shares password. she says she didn't know that he did it etc.... she says you don't get to tell me what to do with my account.
i say yeah but i will hold the account responsible, if i hear of your account being used to recruit from withing the guild again i will kick it.
next day i log on and see pallykidofficer in a seperate vent channel with GM.
GM accuses me of being full of ego, not needing to threaten ppl with /gkick and disruptive to the guild. the mage that the GM almost kicked for ALWAYS dying on the SSC elevator becomes a valued member of the team. and the GM demotes me.
i want to prove him wrong, so i stay on as a raider.
GM hand picks ZA team for pallykidtank to run. (four bosses, one timed chest, ive gotten 2 and close to three with the leftovers on raids i've led) i volunteer for dps slot that GM needs for KA.
netherspite im explaining the fight to a tank that's never been there. GM psts me to stop. so i do. we wipe. after a fuller expalination of the fight we clear ZA.
later that night on vent i ask for a reason to stay in the guild.
next night GM again hand picks team for pallykidtank to finish ZA. starts second group with leftovers and undergeared prot/warrior. i volunteer for second group. (one timed chest, with the /target tempest short cut i found, lol) we get to dragon hawk... after several wipes .. it's called ... 5 of us ran out/reset, i ask if GM/on mage can make a port for us by the boss. i'm pst'd back "i don't need to be told to make a port, thanks"
as im replying that i asked, i realise there is no place left for me here... even as a raider.
GM replies whatever.
i get to shat and there a mail from the GM saying i heard you were talking in vent about leaving... if i hear it again i will remove you. and im concerned that you get help with your drinking....
to be 100% honest i HAVE raided tipsy, but never drunk.
i'm a combat vet. i have my reasons to get tipsy every now and then, but even when i've had a couple of beers, i've still been able to produce results for this guild.
i /gquit ...
sorry for the wall of text.... but i thought it important to give a clear picture.
so anyway a, T4 prot warrior, Badge+ hunter, greens and blues mage, and 6 lvl 35+ alts looking for a new home...
willing to transfer servers PvE only.
in the meantime im making a bankalt guild, and PUGing, til Wrath comes out...

08-07-2008, 05:02 PM
Sorry to hear your story

It seems u were bullied by the guild, when all you did was try to progress and move things forward.

For the GM to mail you and not speak to you in person is just poor.

Happy hunting for a new guild :)

Try arathor.net theres a guild section there - its my server, maybe the smelly alliance want tanks

08-07-2008, 06:31 PM
oh i forgot to add that fact that when i was demoted...everyone that quit, was reinvited to the guild.

thanks for the support ( ie reading the wall of text...lol)

08-08-2008, 10:22 AM
It's not uncommon for GM's to get bent out of shape by officers who can correct them.

This sorta thing happens a lot more often than you realize.

08-08-2008, 12:16 PM
you know??? you may have hit the nail on the head...

maybe the GM thought/felt that i was "taking over"