View Full Version : Beginner tanking questions...

08-06-2008, 03:13 AM
I've been extensively reading what I can to learn how to hold aggro as a Guardian, but I still have questions.

I've noticed that when leveling a player gets swarmed with certain abilities that mention in their tooltip that they "goad" a target.

Are these the best opening casts to perform when attempting to build a thick and quick amount of aggro?

Also, abilities like Enraging Strike 1 and 2 start out as combos that are activated by using the upper left swing. Yet Enraging Strike 3 starts out with an upper RIGHT then upper left swing.

Is it detrimental to begin with ES3 if a mob is protecting it's right side? Should I be downranking to ES2 if this is the case?

I've noticed that the Overreach 1 cast is supposed to be a double strike with a damage penalty that ensues thereafter. Is this supposed to be a part of my tanking rotation?

Can anyone recommend any guides or beginning tanking rotations for those of us who're trying to get a feel as a tank?

I use my F1-F6 keys as macros for the left static actionbar. Unfortunately it's filled up already, and I'm curious about how people tend to arrange their action bars to compensate for the inundations of newer abilities.

Thanks in advance for any meaningful replies.