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08-04-2008, 06:23 PM
Alent, halp. Not sure what he will be wearing, since I have him grinding out pvp gear, but ballpark:

T4 Helm, 18 sta meta, sta/res seaspray (lolguide!)
S2 shoulder, 2x 12 sta (Worth 15's?)
Quest neck from Sethekk
Some nether quest cape @ 210 armor, 21 sta and some def
HC chest w/ 3x 12 sta's (What chant? Res?)
Dps bracer from maiden w/ 12 str (35 Badge or Pvp first?)
Some level 66 BoE feral staff with armor (Going for earthwarden, about 16k rep left)
Badge Idol (This things proc rate is amazing)
2x the Durnholde bear rings (0/4 on MGT ring drop)
HC Boots w/ 8 sta kit, one 12 sta, one def/sta talasite
HC Pants w/30 sta kit, I think two 8 def, one def/sta talasite
Random quest belt, S4 inc in 14 AB marks
Honored pvp gloves w/ 8 sta

Now the short and dirty of what I wanna know is..

For tanking, is there a rotation he should be using? Right now hes playing with T6 dps/healers in Normal/Heroic 5 man's so they are peeling aggro off him like nothing. I think he has been going something like, mangle, lacerate a few times, then taunt because someone pulled aggro, and then maul/mangle after the taunt for a threat jump.

And for loot, I think I may have listed them above, but I am complete ADD, so:
Badge Bracer > Pvp bracer?
T4 Glove > S2 Glove?
T4 Shoulder > S2?
S3 Boots > Cleft?
S2 Legs, chest > HC?
Magisters cape > Mech cape?
Magister ring + Kara ring = gg?

I think thats all I can think off, but feel free to throw information at my face.

08-09-2008, 02:26 AM
OK, so, I still have his armory from when you linked it in shoutbox. here we go...

He has a severe armor deficiency, and his unbuffed hp is low. This will be piecemeal fixed as time passes. Possible fixes:
- Vindicator, Guardian's or Badge bracers.
- Badge of Tenacity
- any combination of Kara ring, Mag ring, new Badge ring, Magister's ring. Be advised magister's ring is purely a threat ring and is not to be worn when tanking bosses.
- S2 is a great intermediate step, badge farming time to get the QD druid badge gear to replace S2 pieces. (particularly: Legs, Chest. I think he has t6 gloves? S4 gloves are also a low cost option for gloves... I think they actually have a pinch more threat than T6 but that could just be my bias towards hit rating.)
- Commendation of Kael'thas to replace his goofy nature proc card - wtf is up with that card anyway? That in conjunction with the other changes will put him at 15K hp unbuffed which is more than satisfactory for T6 tanking.
- Badge boots.

At this step, he should have about 31K armor. Which will go up when he gets T5/T6 shoulders, T5/T6 helm. At this point he should be completely T6 capable. He'll have trouble on Supremus but the rest he should be fine on.

His avoidance is going to be low... not sure what to do to fix that. Does he have access to the wildfury greatstaff? (SSC trash)