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08-04-2008, 10:30 AM
Hey there, last week our guild started MH and BT progression, we raid 4 days a week, 4 hours a day. Managed to get 4/5 and 3/9 (People failing on constructs + spending an entire 4 hours downing naj one night :()

Anyway, from the looks of things we are steaming through content, and I'm worried that when we hit Mother we won't have the HoD's to create enough resist gear for everyone. (Currently only have 40 ~ )

Just how much Resist should we look at getting the entire raid? Even if it means buying HoD's.

08-04-2008, 10:41 AM
If you're concerned you won't have enough HoDs, you can farm some trash in BT. For example, If you guys do up to Akama night one, try to clear all of Teron's trash at the end of the night. Then the next day, you can clear Teron's trash again and try him. Before MH, you can clear Teron trash a 3rd time. When you're done with MH, you can clear Teron's trash again. I mention Teron's trash because it seems really easy, you can do Bloodboil/RoS trash too, it's just more annoying.

We spent 10s of thousands of gold from the guild bank on HoDs from a further progressed guild. This might be an option for you. Not sure.

A friend of mine was telling me that his guild sells their BT id, cleared up to Mother to a Sunwell guild who gives them HoDs in exchange.

Once everyone has 2-3 pieces, you can buy a bunch of greens to bring yourselves up near the resist cap. Even if your dps is really bad, you'll be able to practice running away from each other.

08-04-2008, 03:51 PM
Also the trash from the open door (BB/ROS) to her drops a shedload of stuff, gems, hearts, trash epics, seems to be alot more than the regular groups.

Admittedly you have to kill ROS/BB, but once you get in that position it's another area farmable, even if just for 15 mins at raid end. Covered a few gaps in our guilds gearing, especially if you can beg/borrow a few.

08-06-2008, 08:51 AM
The Mother fight is just a road block with too much dumb luck involved. Having maxed SR raid makes it tolerable so tell everyone that extra trash farming for HoD will easy mode T6 shoulders for them. We made everything craftable but the pants, and had folks pick up green SR hats and tossed on SR enchants to hit the 295 unbuffed mark. Scope out the AH for those head pieces. Get the whole guild involved in gathering the crafting mats too.

08-06-2008, 10:36 AM
I'm pretty sure you need about 140 HoDs to make 3 pieces for everybody, which is just about all you need for the encounter. Resistance fights are a way the designers purposely slow down progression so a group doesn't zerg to the end.

If you only started BT and Hyjal last week, I think you'll still need quite a few weeks to get the rest of the HoDs.

Search for 'Shadow Resistance' on WowWiki's page. There's a great writeup there about how to plan for it.

08-06-2008, 05:02 PM
we recently hit this roadblock

we pushed for 200 sr from every1 unbuffed, we we're short 40 hearts or so on d-day and just obtained a loan from a very friendly guild on the server, this might b an option aswell.

its harder with only 200 unbuffed buts its doable. just position a tree somwer so they can hot the 3 (or 2 or 1) people that get FA.

08-07-2008, 08:47 PM
That is fast progression: I think you're right to be concerned.

It is feasible to go with less than optimal SR. It isn't actually a hard fight.

However, it makes life a lot easier if you have bracers, belt, boots, and cloak made up - to the point where you'll almost one-shot her. That's 6 hearts for each raid member excluding the MT - i.e. 144 hearts in total.

Give your guild another week or so, see how they respond to harder bosses and then start judging how soon you might be staring Mother in the face and therefore what you need to do to prepare. Afterall, if you got 40 hearts this week then you only need to repeat that luck a few weeks running to have enough. If you're not confident, organise a few trash clearing runs sooner rather than later so that you don't halt progression dead at that point.

08-07-2008, 10:11 PM
My advice is this - if you look at the mats for the epic SR gear, they mostly require 1-2 HoDs with the exception of the legs which cost 3 HoDs each. Forget about making the legs. Gear your raiders up with the basic setup of cloak (enchanted of course), BT necklace, belt, and boots.

You don't specfically have to go hunting the AH for green SR gear either. My guild simply dust off old head pieces with 3 sockets, stick prismatic spheres in them and slap on a 20SR head enchantment. That way, 1 piece of green AH gear anywhere will cap all the raiders, if you really insist on capping SR.