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08-02-2008, 10:09 AM
Our pally tank keeps gettin killed during the waves of Hyjal Trash for the first 2 bosses. One of the things I noticed is he is trying to cast Holy Wrath on the mobs and getting absolutly destroyed by mobs while trying to do this at the beginning of the trash wave. Is there a mechanic that while casting you have less avoidance, or are the healers just needing to step it up.

We have our abominations and necros contained, and it doesn't seem to be a specific wave (although its usually a harder wave with lots of necros and abominations). I asked our pally tank about how pally tanks work mechanics wise, but he gave a smart ass reply, so forgive me for not knowing more about them.

08-02-2008, 12:13 PM
While casting you have 0% dodge, parry and block. He's effectively got nothing but mob base miss chance.

You should never cast holy wrath while AoE tanking. it's got the weakest pushback resistance of all paladin spells and it's a 1.5 second cast. Aka - you'll spend 6+ seconds casting it which makes the threat per second on it go through the floor.

08-03-2008, 02:14 AM
Interesting, I was having to intervene our new pally tank, and then float behind playing with pickups mobs as our new pally tank was being a bit squishy on them. I'll check if it was holy wrath or just too much damage with his gear as it was irregular.

Good info to the ignorant tubthumpers - cheers.

08-03-2008, 11:24 PM
Casting wrath while getting hit is just crazy it's like trying to cast your avengers shield while getting hit your avoidance is zero during these type casts.

They probably have been told or read they should use it .. BUT ... it is for before the mob gets to you.

It takes some practice timing it you need to hit it just as the first target gets in range and if they get there too fast you need to abort and simply drop a consecrate and tell dps to wait a few seconds for agro.

What you can do to make life easier for the pally is get a hunter to put down there trap that slows mobs futher up the hill this gives him significantly more time to play with.

08-04-2008, 02:42 AM
When tanking Hyjal trash, have any of you pally tanks tried it with a focus on Shield Block rating and value? It seems with the Tier 5 gear there's an emphasis on that--and SBing with Holy Shield generates more threat and with the right setup would generate a steady flow of damage for the healers to keep up with--and if you're carrying the Shattered Halls Trinket, you can effectively set yourself up with a 700+ shield block rating while maintaining 700+ buffed spell damage--creating lots of threat really fast, and keeping your healers on top of you so that your mana bar stays nice and full.

Anyone else taken this approach before? I'm stacking spell damage and avoidance at the moment, because I MT a lot of heroics for guildies in order to farm badges, but I'm really curious if anyone has compared numbers on WWS. Granted a raid has good nights and bad nights, but I'm still curious.

Also, does anyone have any reliable strategies for the pally tank NOT eating all the shadow bolts from the necromancers? I really want to hang back and let the Melee deal with them--but some of my DPS is so fucking gungho, and my first instinct is to do something to get the mobs on ME, so I run up too far and wind up eating like 26k damage in shadowbolts alone on that "oh shit it's wave 6" (or 7) pull before azgalore. Been sending our Warrior tanks up to spell reflect, but only one of our warrior tanks isn't super lazy and is halfway reliable for doing that.

Any other strategies you guys use?

08-04-2008, 05:24 AM
before our guild quit raiding (i quit the guild because of that) we took on hyal thrash with 3 warrior tanks and 2 druids, i must say that went rather well.