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07-31-2008, 12:52 PM
Hi there,

I'm the warrior of a war/dru team. We've got some decent pve gear, nothing great and we're trying to get started with pvp in S4. We've got a 2v2 team we started last week, our first week we went 3-7, I was using a crappy blue 2h axe. This week we went 5-5 with slightly improved gear, ended up right about where we started rating wise.

The first couple purchases for me were pretty obvious, I grabbed the S2 2h mace and the blue pvp badge. I figure it's not with the extra 32k honor for the epic badge yet. I also picked up the savage plate from rep vendors since my rep was all decent.

Right now sitting in the pvp blue rep gear, S1 shoulders, S2 2h mace and some leftover tank gear and dps blues I'm at roughly...

224 resil
1130 atk
2.6% hit
24% crit

The guardian stuff is a big upgrade, but other than the belt and neck it all has arena rating requirements. This is a problem since without gear we're probably going to be 1500 and below for a while. So question one is to buy the 2 guardian peices I can but then fill in the rest with vindicators or just save honor and hope I can get to 1600 with pretty crappy gear.

The S2 stuff is a big upgrade in most slots, but since I'm using 4 peices of the blue rep plate replacing 1 blue means I lose the 5 seconds off intercept. That will hurt bigtime. The upside to that is I will get a second 2 peice bonus for 35 resil. I think this is probably still coming out behind though.

We're getting 250ish arena points a week. At that rate it'll be a while before we can afford any S4 stuff. Just start saving for gloves and um, whatever other slot can be gotten at low rating or buy the ranged for the extra resil/crit there for cheap?

Basically I want to know what a good efficient order to buy things in is so that I can start raising my team rating as soon as possible.

Armory link is here... The World of Warcraft Armory (http://www.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Kul+Tiras&n=Once)

08-03-2008, 07:53 AM
Well for starters you need to replace some of that PVE gear sooner or later, the only S4 pieces you could obtain if you have enough points would be the neck and belt. By far the hugest upgrades from the Savage Gladiator stuff is the Helm and Breastplate and I guess the legs if you can aim for 1550 rating you can get yourself the S4 legs.

You can suffice with the Vindicator nonset epics if you wish they are only slightly better than S2 gear.

As for S2 gear which you can get with honor now I would say try and get the helm and BP if you can then the legs the gloves are always the last piece you should buy.

As for trinkets try and get the battlemaster trinkets a good goal is to reach 30% crit in battlestance then from there build your AP up to about 1800 or so then stack more crit I guess lol As for gems I mainly go for +str and +str/+crit ones you could put in +20 AP ones however if you don't have a pally that often or you don't play in 5s. Don't worry about putting in expensive gems right now in your Savage gladiator stuff cheap stuff works fine.