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07-30-2008, 04:37 AM
Last night I joined a Crypts PuG for the first time. Without going into details, lets just say it didn't go so well (I out DPSed one of the rogues by a factor of 4 =/ ). I've tanked MgT without a wipe so I'm kind of familiar with the mechanics of caster pulls. Group composition was:

1 x Holy Priest
1 x Prot warrior (lvl 70)
2 x Rogue
1 x hunter

Not Ideal, but should have been able to do this instance without too much trouble. Other than me, everybody was of an appropriate lvl to the instance.

For the average pull (1 x melee, 2-3 casters) I was doing the following:

- Sap 1 x Caster
- Ice Trap melee
- Charge, Shield Bash caster, pull back to safe distance

I thought this should have worked fine. The easiest way to back the non-CCed caster up seems to be to force them to melee then run back to a safe distance. The early geography in the crypts prevented LOSing so I didn't see any other way to move the pull back and prevent adds.

The run was abysmal so I'm wondering: What could I have done better?

07-30-2008, 01:40 PM
Ice Trap in front of priest. Rogue Saps a caster. MC to kill other caster. Melee will attack priest hopefully catch trap, hunter uses MD on caster while you charge remaining caster. Pet and rogues should be able to handle the melee.

Lettin the hunters pet pull the casters would work too to bring them in closer. Or if the aren't casting big bombs and the priest could keep up Just let em hit ya til there mana drops and they rush you. As long as noone attacks them whoever opens the pull is who they will stay on.

I would probably went with staying way back and sending the pet in and then putting it on passive having the hunter run behind you. You can send a pet further than you can shoot. And if hunter laid a trap before he ran past you bonus one cc'd

07-31-2008, 05:56 AM
Crypts is a hard instance if you aren't familiar with the add mechanics.

Two rogues is a great setup for the trash, IMO.

First, understand the adds: Every single elite mob in the instance spawns a non-elite mob. You should not be tanking these, your two rogues should solo them as they spawn. You need to explain this to your DPS: "Some non-elite adds will spawn, kill them first. They won't be tanked or marked, stand back, wait for them to spawn, and kill them first. If you see a mob called 'possessor', kill it immediately."

You don't even need to tank much, really. You could have both rogues sap something - as soon as they sap, an add will spawn, I think. The adds spawn regardless of CC. You won't be able to CC the monks. I'd try to avoid traps, they'll just add to the chaos.

Your DPS needs to be competent to succeed in Crypts, to say the least.

Remember: You don't have to tank everything. Let your DPS burn down the first kill target, which, in this case, will be 1-3 non-elite mobs, depending on the pull.

Kill the possessors first! If your DPS gets tunnel vision and doesn't watch the adds, you're done for.

09-06-2008, 08:42 PM
IMHO the hardest part about clearing the Crypts is getting your foot in the door. The first room is really crowded and it's hard to LOS anything.

I took to just pulling them and then running back to the portal. They'll mostly get out of each others' way if you do that. Once you've cleared a few pulls it gets a lot easier.

My main problem was getting mind-controlled in bear form with a party of all melee DPS. "They stab it with their steely knives but they just can't kill the beast" is the only way to describe it.

09-08-2008, 10:41 AM
Last night I joined a Crypts PuG for the first time. Without going into details, lets just say it didn't go so well (I out DPSed one of the rogues by a factor of 4 =/ ).
The run was abysmal so I'm wondering: What could I have done better?

Booted the rogue for ANYTHING/ANYONE, that is what you could have done. Regular Crypts isn't too bad but having to carry dps like that just isn't acceptable. I would like to think random rogue button mashing could out dps pretty much any prot war.

Also, never under estimate the utility of mind control...

Sometimes you can carry a terrible person but not all the time and even if you can carry them you generally have to work so much harder it isn't fun.

09-08-2008, 11:38 AM
Your group actually had a lot of things in their favor. The rogues DPS obviously is an exception, but this wasn't a bad group makeup all things considered.

Most of the pulls are 2 packs or maybe three. I think there is one four pack right before you get the the bridge. All this is before the skeletons.

What I would have done is used shackle on the undead mobs, saps on the humanoids. There would obviously be the spawns mentioned. The quickest way to get rid of them was also previously suggested, by letting the DPS take care of the spawns, especially the possesors. They can usually be DPSd down very quickly if your group is ready to find them. I usually try to shield slam the possesors when I can to help with killing them quickly.

When youre dealing with casters, I try to get aggro on the melee first and use shield reflect to build aggro away from the target by just reflecting their own casts on them. I usually pull by shooting the caster then picking up the melee. The only downside to this is that healing aggro might pull the caster off you at the start. Usually though you can get in there and get more firm aggro if you have to. All this is of course a moot point if your CC can shut them up to begin with.

The hardest part about Crypts just learning each pull and how best to handle it. In my opinion you had the group to do it well, just was executed poorly. (No offense). Just think of all the tools you have available to you, and make sure everyone in the group understands the potency of not DPSing possessors down immediately. There are some difficult pulls in there, but nothing that group shouldn't have been able to handle.

09-15-2008, 12:29 PM
Just as an update, I've run this since with guildies and it was an absolute cakewalk, as it should have been. I admit that I missed some of the tools available to me (I had never seen a priest use shackle until I was in Kara) but I think that incident was just a random nightmare PuG where everything went wrong.

10-02-2008, 07:14 AM
ran this with low level cc, nightmare.... Group was full of good people, but no cc strategy worked...

Ran it later with higher level cc and it was like night and day.