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07-21-2008, 05:37 AM
Hello there,

after rapidly reading the forum, I haven't found any information on the "shielding" process, i.e. the fact that it is also possible to change our gard using the control + 1/2/3/4 keys. Here are some questions on the topic :

1-a Do you use this ability ?

From my point of view, it is extremely difficult to use, one has to multi-tap the numbers while using control, which makes its activation non-instantaneaous : if you want 1 shield on the right and 2 up front, tap control+2, 2, 3 -> I find this too complicated.

1-b If you use this ability, do you have some sort of custom UI / mapping that makes it more user friendly ?

I tried mapping various other keys, in order to get a direct grip (without the control key) on my shields, but I didn't manage to get it working. I also tried binding control+1, control+2 etc on my (G15) keyboard, but this didn't work either. Any advice ?

1-c Is this actually of any use in PVE ?

Do mobs hit you regularly on some specific part, like some bosses might use special moves to some side (always the same) ? I have not really looked at this, I'm for the moment always busy with checking to what side their shields are, and positionning my moves... but with a good (bigwigs / DBM whatever) add on that has a database with the moves, it might be possible to annouce what side a hit is incoming ?

1-d Is this of any use in PVP ?

Same sort of question, but seems much more difficult. However, players do have special moves ending on a given side, so it could be possible to "anticipate". (go try a duel with your neighbouring gardien and place full shields on the right while having him prepare an enraging strike ^^)

2- How are shields positionned on multi-tanked mobs ?

Maybe this is a noob question, but I can only see one set of shields at a time when tanking a mob (i.e. the shields of the mob I'm targetting). How are the shields of the other mobs ? Maybe my target mob has 3 shields on the left, so I'm going to hit right, but 3 other mobs have got full shields on the right, so I'd be better off hitting center ? Or do all mobs have same shielding position (this doesn't seem to be the case) ?

07-22-2008, 02:27 AM
I really don't have answers to your questions. Every time I watch shielding, it looks random as far as the mobs attacking me are concerned. As a result, I stopped looking for patterns. I should start looking again, because you've got me thinking. :)

07-23-2008, 03:57 PM
first off if im understanding the way your changing your shielding it seems wrong. in your case of wanting 1 shield on the right and 2 up front if your on the default shield set up (one left right and top) all you have to do is ctl + 1,2. that will move the left shield up top (control what shield to move where to move it), don't understand why you would double tap 2 bringing all the shields top then moving one to the right.

as far as your other questions i never change them around in pve, though i do white attacks based on where the npc has there shields. in pvp i have found that most rangers just use straight attacks and moving shields forward help.

i don't use any custom UI's atm (mainly i haven't found one i like) but as far as your keyboard is there a way to "lock" the CTL key? i know if you do CTL 1 release CTL then press CTL 2 it does not move the shield.

most of the time i have fuond the shield to be useless and keep it at the default setting

07-24-2008, 12:39 AM
Getting shields up right when using G15 keys.

I have used the MR(macro recording) ingame for setting up the G15 keys and I find it faster, but since I always multi tank I find moving them around abit risky.

I would think that on raid encounters with a single boss pull the ability to both swap shields and hit where it hurts is going to separate the good tanks from the bad ones.

So I suggest training on their use while leveling up/grinding when ever you can.


08-04-2008, 06:56 AM
The thing about using your own shields is that you can only change them when they blink. As seen on the enemy mobs when they change shields, they do it at the same time as the white shields blink and blur for a few moments. The yellow ones get the same thing for themselves but on a different timer from what I have seen. Ours is a set time limit where a mob's shield changes happen more randomly (Though usually after a set amount of damage percentage wise (As seen by nearly one shotting lower level mobs) or after a combo though this is not always the case)

This being the case, it is not effective to try and predict where the bosses are going to be hitting you at unless there is an extrremely predictable pattern to it. Even having one shield there causes enough mitigation that trying to take more mitigation with a second shield really does not condone the amount of damage you will take if they hit your unshielded side.

I'm currently level 66 at the moment, and not able to do accurate data recording, but if Cinder is on the Deathwhisper server, I'd be more than happy to pitch in a few gold pieces.

Oh, Edit, I can also answer the OP #2. Multiple mobs around you have different sets of shields that could easily be changing at the same or a different rate as the one you have focused. Currently there is no way to know without tabbing to them, and then once you are not focusing on the first mob, we have no way of knowing if they can change their shields at the drop of ahat when not focusing on them. But, now I know my next thread on the suggestion forum!