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07-20-2008, 11:52 AM
Does avoidvance means that you will dodge, parry and block most attack? and does migations means this is where the aggro comes from? I am confused when it comes to these. I socket most my gems 12+ stamina should i socket some with Agility to get dodge%. I only have 490 Defense at the moment i can get 503 defense but My dodge% only be at 19.81% i have seen warriors with 32.91% dodge before with all agility gems but is it worth it? I am still working on been the main tank in my guild running kara with 1 Tank, Trying to dodge most attack and eat the rest But somehow i get hit hard by Mobs in kara. I have badges tanking gear t4 glove and tier4 helm. My tps stays around 600-1k on single mob and 95-300 on multiples is there a way or any suggestion how to keep 500-1k on 4 multiple mobs?

the pulls -> Bllodrage, Shieldslam, revenge, devastate, devastate, tap devastate, devastate, tap devastate, devastate, Thunderclap, demo shout, Back to Main Target, ShieldSlam, revenge devastate, TC, ???

Not sure if this keep high tps but i lose agro alot in multiple pulls.

07-20-2008, 04:36 PM
Avoidance is the chance of you to completly avoid damage by eighter dodge, parry or be missed. Mitigation is reduction in incomming damage, meaning your armor and to some extend block. As a tank you would want to stuff sta gems in most of your gear unless it got a nice socket bonus or you're gemming a piece of gear for something else than Effective Health (stamina and armor).

To keep aggro on multiple mobs your rotation, in my experience, is not good. If I pull 4 mobs I usually do something like this

I shoot to start the pull, pop Bloodrage (it generates some aggro so do it after you initiated the pull). SS the mob that comes first, and sometime I have time to do a Dev too. When all mobs are here I TC, and then just Tab between mob and do a single ability (whatever is ready SS, Rev or Dev) and use TC every time it is ready (that is important, especially if you have improved TC). A thing to help you keep 4 mobs on you is to have the healer wait for you to have some threat on all mobs before healing you, and the dps to watch the threat - you would normally need 6-9 sec before the healer can safely heal you, and the dps can start to do some real damage.

A rule of thumb is, if the healer pulls aggro it's your fault. If the dps pulls aggro it's thier fault and you should just let them die so the might learn to be more careful.

Another tip is to have a caster as first kill target and don't tank that mob. That'll require your dps can take down the caster before it does any real damage. The reason for this you take almost as much damage as the rest of your party when it's magical and hence some else might as well take it. You should know tho that your Spell Reflect will generate some nice threat and completly avoid damage from a caster so take the first spell and reflect it right back at him - that is usually the only thing I do when a caster is the first thing to kill.