View Full Version : [H] Transferring (PvP)

07-19-2008, 03:38 PM
Some of you have read my blog and know what my current situation is. Here's an update to it...

I'm looking for suggestions on PvP-based servers that are not of a low population. The last thing that I need is to try for hours trying to get an instance run going on my druid. I would also like a server with an equal win/lose ration across the battlegrounds, but that's a preference. Also, while I do not want to raid until I go into cardiac arrest for not sleeping, I would like to join a guild to become a backup tank when needed for T6 content only. I've main tanked everything in this game except for Sunwell content.

My warrior's gear has the following gear:

5/8 T6 (nothing from Sunwell)
Brutalizer/TUW + ZA Shield
All other tanking items except helm off Illidan, and belt / trinket off Bloodboil.

I will either be logged out in my PvP gear or my threat gear. Either way, I'm looking for a new home. One that I am not forced into sacrificing fun for 24 other people. A home that I can spend more time pvp'ing and doing arenas than raiding. I'm staying for a month, give or take, to help gear the guild leader's warrior so that he can take over with little or no slowing down.

So...throw your server suggestions at me.