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07-19-2008, 08:12 AM
Hey all,

I am new to the community here and this is my first post! I have been fairly active in other WoW communities, but I just started tanking recently. My first major character was a hunter that I got to 60 and started raiding Molten Core -> AQ40. I got him to 70 but benched him almost immediately. Then I played a paladin as retribution until I hit 70 and respec'd holy. I got bored of that and then made a mage. my mage is currently my best geared character and I still play him frequently, but enough of my history...onto more current events...

My current 'main' is a level 70 undead warrior. I hit 70 a few weeks ago and quickly started gearing up. I really love the class and wish I had played it from day 1. I enjoy playing all three of the basic specs Fury - PvE, Arms - PvP, and Prot - PvE. I understand Arms - PvP quite while and have started gearing myself up whenever I feel like respecing for a few days. My big problem lies in my tanking....

I feel that I am a decent tank and I know what I am doing, etc... I just don't know what gear to use all the time. At first it was obvious, use whatever gets you to 490, but now I am getting lost. I have looked over Polar's Pre-Kara and many other guides on this website to give myself a goal for gearing up, but I am uncertain of the next step.

Currently I am just running 5 mans. Working on getting reputation, gear from normal instances and have also started doing heroics. Obviously, that means my inventory of tanking gear is starting to grow. I have a lot of different options of what I can wear. The issue is, I don't really know which pieces to swap out. I've got 490 defense covered, but should I go for avoidance? Stack stamina and armor? TPS?

I really think I need to start working on TPS, because when I get into heroics with well geared people, it is tough to hold aggro.

The World of Warcraft Armory (http://www.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Bleeding+Hollow&n=Disoteka)

There is my armory profile. I will be finishing the Karazhan key quest today, and I am saved to a Kara that has maiden cleared at least so I can do the first 2 quests and I'll have enough rep for the first Kara ring. I have some obvious other pieces... Delicate Eternium Ring, full Felsteel Set, etc. I also have the S1 shoulders, but I like the bold better for tanking. The +def gives me more options with other gear.

I am working on getting to revered with Aldor when I can for the chest piece. And I run TK instances frequently going for the Suneater and the Chest piece that is really good.

I am not at home right now, so later on I will try and post more about the other pieces of gear I have, but any suggestions on certain items to go for would be great. And also what badge gear to get first. (i.e. Should I save 100 for the chest or get the bracers and belt first??)

Thanks everyone for reading my ridiculously long post!!


07-20-2008, 12:22 PM
Just an update...

I picked up The Sun Eater and put Mongoose on it. I am loving it, I can tell how much more threat I am doing. I think I am gonna go for the badge bracers first, even though the chest piece is a HUGE upgrade and something I will never replace. I just want to get a few small piece to really take my gear to the next level. I think I am getting close to being able to tank Prince.