View Full Version : Dark Templer Tanking

07-17-2008, 10:25 AM
I have a level 63 DT building as a tank, I had been doing fine pulling mobs and keeping them off the DPSers but last night we ran through Catacombs and I couldn't keep them off the barb and ranger. I know their DPS is way higher, but my taunt is at 650 not including my gear and I know the barb has sublety at 550.

Is this just a bug in AoC that the DPS will pull far too easily or is there a different issue? Like I said before we ran through Black Castle, Sanctum, and just different group quests and I have never had a problem before.

FunCom needs to deliver and tell us what exactly the taunt points mean as far as threat and hate. I have read so many peoples opinions and they mean nothing until we get an official statement.

The most frustrating thing is, is how are we supposed to build our gear. If 100 taunt=1% hate; then the +taunt gems are useless compared to the +hate gems, or is the taunt used to create threat while the hate is already existing threat?

Anyone have anything they have tried that may be helpful until we get an official statement?