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07-17-2008, 06:59 AM
Hi all i found in our first nights of leo tanking, that cause of peoples dots our paladin tank found it hard going (im the pala tank :P)and one dps (usually a lock would die), i told all to stop dots though. Also our lock tank who was sl/sl abd max fire res. couldnt hold aggro on demon phase and rogues would over aggo getting them all killed from blasts (or close to death). He would also die sometimes.

MY question is this would a high quality feral bear be better for tanking leo in his blood elf form as his bleeds will cause high threat during transitions, and imo have nice burst threat which in some cases are superior to pala (seen his threat goto 2000tps when he crits). I know people say this fight made for pala, but seems to me that the dots/bleeds plus burts damage of bear is better, and my feral bear mate has awesome threat gear, seems to me doing it the pala way means you gotta be perfect , but for bear he just tanks normal as he always does.

I was actually thinking of doing demon phase instead, as the lock had issues there, (hes a great player, but jut seems to me in that gear/spec he not doing enuff threat , and healers cant keep him up). But will i do much threat? without holy shield, and if i want melle to dps i will also loose consecration and melle threat. SO who would be best> we dont really have much melle dps, mostly its mages/locks/hunters.

07-17-2008, 07:24 AM
For the lock, point him in the direction of the website "warlocks den" our lock found a lot of information on spec and gear there. I think its all about balancing fire res with decent punch of hit and damage. If he has a felguard out and a pally nearby (for fire aura) he actually doesn't need that much fire res which gives him more space for stam and pure damage. I know people do get "normal" tanks to tank his demon phase, but we've never had the heart to stop our locks doing it as they love it.

We've only had one problem with agro, which was just weird but do tell your dps to stop at the start of the demon phase and wait until he targets the lock, after that they should be able to go all out. Make sure he doesn't have salv, is soulstoned. keeps his pet out of the immediate "blast radius" and has one healer solely on his pet. Also the healers must keep an eye out - all of his healers getting demon'ed means others need to step in and help.

For his human phase, we usually use a bear tank, although not for the reasons you describe. For dealing with the agro after ww

1. Insist all dps stops before the end of ww and all dots aren't up
2. Get any and all shammys to keep searing totems up between the two "lamps", your tank then stands close to them and waits for leo to come back. Yes pally ranged taunt is useful, but depending how spread you are, you need to get him back to the centre cos of range.
3. Insist all dps stops before end of ww and all dots aren't up :) As far as I'm concerned this fight is all about knowing when to nuke and when not to nuke.

07-17-2008, 07:34 AM
I totally agree with shorty.
I was a warlock and a raid leader in the leo fights.
I wouldn't allow the warlocks to do more than one or two been a while full rotations of their dots in demon phase.

Night Elf form is very hard to do a lot of dps, stay alive is the hugest priority.

Demon form is where you get to light him up, if you are new to this fight I would say it's pretty much a must to have the warlock tank spec'd into all of the destruction tree talents that affect searing pain, and also they need to be far enough into demonology to share dmg with their pet. Locks don't like spec'ing this way as it really hurts there dps numbers in the rest of the raid.

It's also a must a lot like Hydross to not have any HoT's or DoT's ticking during a transition.

That searing totem trick mentioned above is also a great idea, searing totem amazes me how effective it is to grab aggro on transition type fights.

07-17-2008, 11:54 AM
we gave some attempts to leo 2 nights ago,

our lock was fire res max.... smacked on an amp'd curse of doom as we open on leo...and let me tell you...you COULDNT steal agro from him...

07-17-2008, 12:43 PM
One other thing is if the lock is soulstoned he can lifetap and hellfire kill himself to remove the chaos blast debuff. This can be useful if the lock has a high level of debuffs before the 15% split off. Old guild I was in that did SSC usually wiped sometimes there due to the lock having a high amount of debuffs and taking a few full damage hits in a row.

As for demon phase you can easily get as an affliction lock 2 rounds of dots down and have them fall off a bit before he switches form.

Also the one reason why getting talents to improve searing pain was mentioned, is that searing pain happens to do 2x threat, and is extreamly spammable having a 1.5 second cast time.

07-17-2008, 01:20 PM
Both of the warlock tanks we have use particular spells at particular times - I want to say they try Curse of Doom just before Leo goes Elf form and start a Soulfire just before he goes demon. After getting aggro neither of them lose it short of dying - the TPS they have is literally a few hundred more than anyone else.

As far as bear bleeds go, they don't generate much threat from damage. Lacerate has a specific amount of innate threat when used, but the instant damage from it and the bleed damage both have -80% threat modifiers on them.

If you want something to pick up Leo, do as Shorty suggests and have Shammies keep Searing Totems in the middle of the room - Leo goes for them first a ridiculously high percentage of the time. Our Elf tank generally hangs around them waiting for Leo to come by.

07-18-2008, 06:02 AM
Also one thing that will help the lock's threat is the drenai hit aura (if you are alliance) and the totem of wrath (downside is you loose a searing totem). This is because destruction spells have no talents for increasing their chance to hit so the hitcap for them is at 202 normally.

07-18-2008, 06:26 AM
We always just used two warriors for Leo. It just turned out to be easier for us that way.