View Full Version : [H PvE PST] 4/5 3/9 Vilified (Suramar) LF Tanks!

07-07-2008, 02:58 PM
(We're looking for a prot pally and 1 more tank either pal/dru/war. Details below)

<Vilified> is a Pacific time, progression-oriented guild on the Suramar server.

Raid Times:
Monday-Thursday, 7-11pm PST. We're looking for people who can meet *at least* 50% of those raid times in their entirety (on time from start to finish).

4/9 BT
4/5 Hyjal

Classes needed:
1 Prot pal + 1 add'l tank (dru/war or pal) - must be *highly* skilled at occupying many targets at once, and tanking in general

Gear required:
Must have spec-appropriate gear of at least T4-equivalent in every single slot.

If this looks good to you, please register on our forum at Vilified - Index page (http://wow.vilified.org/) and check out the stickies in the application forum before posting an application.

07-08-2008, 01:46 PM
This is an awesome guild. I highly recommend <Vilified> to anyone who likes winning and being awesome.

Plus Ruminator is a badass tank and knows his stuff.

I would app but your raid times aren't good for me. /cry