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07-05-2008, 06:59 AM
Repentance Summer Recruitment
Hyjal & Black Temple Cleared, Sunwell: Kalecgos down.

repentance.guildomatic.com :: Index (http://repentance.guildomatic.com/forums)

Private Applications can also be made by sending a PM to TheDarkRuler on the forums.

Our progress so far:

Hyjal: Cleared
BT: Cleared
Sunwell: 1/6

Repentance is a stable guild of roughly 36 very active/pretty active base members located on Kul Tiras PVE looking for the below classes to help us progress into the new content. These individuals must have high attendance (4/5 Raids) and willing to stay the full Raid time and always be giving 110%. We are gearing further for Sunwell and need every available hand to help us forward as we leap across a wide range of bosses during the week and want to hit Sunwell harder this Summer.

We've been around since Feb 2007 and exist as a stable guild who is recruiting for summer to ensure we have enough active classes to take us through Sunwell and beyond! You'll be joining a core of skilled and dedicated players whose only reason for not greater progress is the unfortunes Summer can bring. We know people have real lives, we are quite relaxed when it comes to Raiding, it is a nice and fun guild (from the members mouths) we rotate fairly and all we ask is you give your best and your time, make this your new home! Apply Now!

Current Recruitment Status:

Open for various classes - If your guild has fallen on hard times and are looking for a small merge/group transfer let us know and we can chat about it, just contact a member if interested and he/she will try and pass you to someone in charge.

If you are SKILLED and DEDICATED, we want to Raid throughout summer, drop on our realm and whisper a member for more info or go to the forums located above. Gear isnt a high priority to us, T6 is a bonus.

x2-3 Healers (x1 Holy Pala, x1-2 Resto Shaman) (HIGH PRIORITY)

x1 Rogue (Bring glaives lol :) ) (MEDIUM-HIGH PRIORITY)
x1 Tank (Feral Druid/Prot Warrior) (MEDIUM PRIORITY)


X1 (Possible)Ret Paladin & Boomkin(LOW PRIORITY)

*Another spec/class may be considered*

Scheduled 25man Raids: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday.
Raid Invites/End: 7.30 invites, pulling roughly 7.45, ending at 00.00(server time) or sooner, occasionally raids may continue beyond this time if deemed necessary.

Please DO NOT apply if you:

*Cannot handle critcism from other members.
*Do whine about loot.
*Are attention seeker. HEY GUYS LOOK AT ME, GUYS!!!!
*Are generally a bad player and constantly make the same mistake.
*You can not dedicate yourself to being able to Raid at least 4/5 Raids per week

We can offer you:

*A nice Loot Council System which is very fair in it's choices, meaning trialists are not excluded and do not have to gain huge DKP
*A stable raiding atmosphere with many Raids you can enter and not have to wait around and a fun atmosphere outside Raids.
*All respec costs needed for certain bosses etc paid for by the guild bank along with ALL wipe repairs during the NEW content (some exeptions are made at times for farm content)
*Alt/Main runs to 10 man / 25man content
*Bear Mount in time
*And more....

Any questions please feel free to private message our GM TheDarkRuler on our own forums, if you want a more personal conversation and we are not raiding feel free to send a whisper in-game to TheDarkRuler. You can expect a quick reply to your private message.