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07-04-2008, 02:21 AM
Recently I switched guilds, and while I've had a lot more fun here (not being told constantly to shut up and tank all the trash) I seem to have left some of the healers/DPS scratching their head.

Since it's the holiday weekend and I'm farming a little honnor during the raid break I'm LoL-ret, so an armory wont help much. However I run around in my threat gear still using around 29% dodge rating, 16% block and 17% parry. I geared that way because I switched from holy to prot just for Hyjal in the previous guild because we were short a competant pally tank.

In my new guild I've had only 1 person ever pull off me (no suprise it was a warlock) and the healers DPSed a few fights where I tanked because they got bored. They're not sure what to make of me since I dont seem to fit the normal pally tank. I'm wondering if I'm just gearing wrong, or if they're just not use to an avoidance pally.

I'm intrested in other tank's perspective on this because the only other tank I really deal with honestly doesn't get pally tanking well enough, and just compares me to warriors. I get a thumbs up, sure, but I'm not a warrior. Just sort of intrested in what others might have to say about it.

If it helps my normal TPS in threat gear is around 1300 stable, in avoidance it bounces around 1200 depending on the boss. Undead/Demons I almost can crack 1500 in the avoidance set.