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07-03-2008, 04:30 AM
After what seems like forever and a day, my guild finally has gotten kalecgos on farm and decided that Hyjal is not worth our time (We raid a very limited number of days per week). So this week will be our first "real" foray into the Brutallus encounter. We have had several nights of a few attempts here and there, getting to about 2-2:30 minutes into the encounter before the overwhelming incoming damage on the tank was too much to handle. Granted we did those trial attempts when all of our tanks (myself included) were in a bit lesser of gear. We are all now in 5/8 T6 (including bracers). We do not have the real option of a paladin tank in this encounter and our bear while decently geared is lacking compared to our warriors.

All this being said, what specific numbers are we looking for in gear? We have read a number of "strategies" that insist on warrior tanks being at 21.5k armor unbuffed. Is this a valid number we should be striving for? Personally, while wearing as much "armor" adding equipment as I can, I still am about 1k short of this number.

At the same time, should I be worrying about armor values as much as overall EH and avoidance numbers for the encounter?

07-03-2008, 06:21 AM
Gearing "properly" for Brutallus varies based on opinion. As a rough baseline, mostly best-in-slot stuff from Hyjal and BT will be enough. Numbers to shoot for completely unbuffed if you want to kill him for your first time should be at least 15.5k HP, 20k armor, and 60% total avoidance (not counting Sunwell Radiance). This isn't really asking a lot, and is very easily obtainable.

For reference, I geared heavily for avoidance and was at only a little over 20k HP for our first kill, but I did have an Aff. lock in my group, providing Blood Pact, as well as Shadow Embrace. Here's a screenshot of my stats at the time; note that's my avoidance with a mongoose proc and GoA totem (we ran 2 enhance, and so tanks had twisted GoA/WF as well). That's my armor without an Ironshield (I think it had just faded from me and the other tank taunted, not sure why it wasn't up). And yes, remember, there's still Sunwell Radiance, so that 48% dodge was 23% :p.
Although it is worth noting that I did not have the commendation yet, as it did not drop (was the first day of Sunwell patch), so with it I'd have been down a bit of avoidance, and at 21k HP.

ImageShack - Hosting :: avoidanceby6.jpg (http://img441.imageshack.us/my.php?image=avoidanceby6.jpg)

The biggest things that will allow you to live through the encounter is properly using your timers and consumables.

First off, you should always be chain ironshielding through the encounter, even during progress. The damage is just extreme.

Secondly, you and your offtank need to have a thorough understanding of Stomp mechanics and the openings you have to taunt to nullify/reduce the impact of stomps.

A good example is the first stomp, which always comes shortly after the 2nd Meteor Slash. While you normally taunt after the 3rd slash has hit a tank, there's no reason to wait the first time, since noone has any slashes yet. So, Meteor Slash 2 hits the first tank, and then Stomp is about to be cast. Here's how it should play out:

Meteor Slash 2 hits
Tank 2 announces: "I'm taunting as soon as this Stomp hits [tank1]"
Stomp hits (the ground shakes before you can see the debuff - use this as your flinch reaction)
Taunt off the tank that just got the stomp.

That allowed the first tank to not need to use any timers to live through a stomp, as ideally they only took one volley of attacks while stomp was up, for a maximum of 19-20k or so damage (yes, it's a lot, but wont kill the tank, and that's only if they don't avoid either of the attacks). And now you've transitioned without having to taunt into a stomp.

This type of situation can and will occur throughout the fight. Sometimes the timing of the stomps/slashes are such that you have no choice but to tank through entire stomps. This is inevitable. When it happens, warn the healers.

"I have to tank through this whole stomp"
"I will be taunting and immediately be getting stomped"

Always use your timers for these. Moroes' Pocket Watch is the perfect trinket to activate right before Stomp hits you. Nightmare Seeds are good as well, and then there's Last Stand and Shield Wall.

I will generally use two cooldowns combined if my Moroes' Pocket Watch isn't up and if I'm taunting into a fresh stomp, which is the WORST kind of transition, but you wont always have a way to avoid it. The healers have to be on the previous tank all the way up until it switches, with maybe 1 person precasting on you early, otherwise they risk letting that tank die, but then you will immediately be taking massive potential damage without having all the healers/procced armor buffs on you yet, so it can be a recipe for death. Using say Last Stand + Seed in conjunction when you know that's about to happen will give you a bit more health to hopefully keep you alive.

Commendation of Kael'thas is great for Brutallus due to the short CD, it lines up perfectly with the tank periods. It is almost guaranteed to proc each time you're tanking, and that 8% avoidance will proc when it matters most. A single MH+OH hit during Stomp will cause the trinket to proc, so it's giving you a reliable, large boost in avoidance each time.

Don't be hesitant to shield wall if all other CD's are down, although when pushing for first kills, your DPS may be low so you may have to push it past the enrage timer. Our first kill was somewhat low DPS-wise and we tanked it a good 10 seconds into enrage by combining both Shield Wall and Last Stand + Seed (yeah, we had a lucky timing of Stomp/Slash interactions so we never had to spam CD's mid fight), which is the only way you'll live through Enrage for any decent time as the tank.

Also just adding this in as a clarification: At first glance, you may think the timing of Slash/Stomp is always going to be the same every pull. This is not the case. They will vary, and it is because Brutallus has a small window of opportunity that he can choose to use Stomp in, over the course of a fight these few seconds +/- can cause the interactions to be more difficult in conjunction with tank swaps, or easier. This is contrary to my original belief which was that it was always going to be the same, and thus, can be planned around in advance. You are unable to plan much past just the next stomp timer you can see. I have in some cases waited till the absolute last second to taunt; I don't recommend this. The situation was my offtank had 3 slashes and Stomp was due any second, at the same time as the next Slash. I was waiting to see if he would possibly use the Stomp before the Slash, which would have let me taunt right before the 4th slash hit my offtank, but right after he took the Stomp, which would trivialize the tank transition. Unfortunately Brutallus used the Slash first, so I had to taunt mid-slash cast and cause it to hit my side, and then he Stomped immediately after. This is what I mean by something that can occur throughout the fight. As you and your offtanks get more comfortable with the fight you can take the risks since you know what you're getting yourselves into.

07-03-2008, 03:07 PM
Xav - the MT in another Sunwell guild on my server uses The Boomstick all the time, and now I notice you used it in that screenshot. What is the reasoning that makes it better on Brutallus than Rifle of the Stoic Guardian or Legionkiller or even the engi gun? Also, what gloves are those?

07-03-2008, 03:26 PM
Xav - the MT in another Sunwell guild on my server uses The Boomstick all the time, and now I notice you used it in that screenshot. What is the reasoning that makes it better on Brutallus than Rifle of the Stoic Guardian or Legionkiller or even the engi gun? Also, what gloves are those?

That is not the boomstick. That is Barrel-Blade Longrifle with two 8 dodge gems in it.

Those were the gloves from Kael'thas Royal Gauntlets of Silvermoon with two 10 defense gems in them and a 15 agi enchant.

I didn't use 10 dodge gems in both (at the time) because we hadn't opened our Gem vendor (Duh! First day..), and we didn't have a stash of Crimson Spinels.

07-16-2008, 02:24 PM
Thought I'd add this question here, rather than create a new thread (sorry for hijacking).

I've decided to go down the route of stacking avoidance for Brutallus (my guild just killed Kalecgos). Now, I know that I don't need to worry too much about threatcentric gear, as I'll have oodles of rage, but should I still ensure that I'm hit-capped and 23 expertise?

07-16-2008, 02:26 PM
I've never had more than 4 or 5% hit on Brut. I don't think I actually have a combo of gear in Itemrack with less than 23 expertise, though, but it should be fine to go lower.

07-16-2008, 02:58 PM
Threat stats on Brutallus are for the most part unnecessary. Any gear you wear for it at that point will very likely have some threat stats on it, which will work. If you turn out to be threatcapping your dps, and you're absolutely certain that you're pushing your buttons correctly, then you may want to switch things up. Like get a windfury totem, use your executioner weapon until you get a lead, or put on some threat gear.

Personally, since it's long been farm content for us and DPS has gotten ridiculous upgrades, I now wear my 2% threat gloves and keep my executioner weapon on for 2 or 3 whole tank phases for myself, and never swap over to GoA. (We get a resto shaman, not an enhance - an enhance is just a godsend for threat)

I rambled on, but it's probably the beverages...

08-07-2008, 02:36 AM
INSERT BEAR POST =) /hijack...nicely

So I'm one of the two tanks on our own Brut attempts as we work hard on him. I am thus given the option of two stat lineups for the fight, and I'm uncertain which one I should go with.

20,774 HP
37,199 armor (devotion aura for stomps)
51.55% dodge

19,634 HP
37,317 armor
55.56% dodge

Essentially, the question I have is simple. Is having 4.01% more avoidance worth losing 1,140 HP on Brut. specifically? Or should I use some variation of the two (a possibility). Keep in mind this is fully buffed, but without an Imp buff. As we can see, armor isn't really an issue for me, and I'll be popping Ironshield pots during the fight for stomps anyway.

08-09-2008, 01:24 AM
You will probably end up tweaking your setup a bit throughout attempts, so start off with the avoidance set and work from there. As stated before, avoidance is the stat to stack on brut, but you have to figure out where to keep your health at to avoid getting gibbed each time you get unlucky on 2-3 straight swings. But yea, start with the avoidance set IMO.

Edit: I bet the biggest concern for ferals tanking Brut is whether to use the pocketwatch or the commendation....

08-10-2008, 02:47 PM
Actually, that doesn't really even come into play for me. The Commendation is an almost guaranteed proc when stomped, and that plus the badge of tenacity make a really nice combo for avoiding damage on a stomp.

Thanks for the imput; I think I'll stick with the avoidance...as per the norm for me =)