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07-03-2008, 03:44 AM
Can anyone explain me how it's best to aoe tank in this instance? With a mage (sheep) and a s-priest (mc) it's just not working. With swiping and lacerate, others still get the aggro.

Apart from the skills of my party, what's the best I could do to keep the mobs on me?

07-03-2008, 07:27 AM
Reroll a prot pally.

I know nothing about druids, but as a warrior Thunder Clapping to start the pull works initially, then just have to Devastate around a little. If you have something that will hit 4 targets, I'd go that route. It's easier the better your gear is as the healer is throwing less heals (or smaller heals) so healing aggro is less of a concern. That's really the primary difficulty in H SH. If DPS are pulling the non-focus-fire mobs, that's their dumb fault.


07-04-2008, 12:19 AM
Can anyone explain me how it's best to aoe tank in this instance? With a mage (sheep) and a s-priest (mc) it's just not working. With swiping and lacerate, others still get the aggro.

Apart from the skills of my party, what's the best I could do to keep the mobs on me?

Lets do the basics:

Swipe only does 3 targets are we talking 3 targets or more some of the pulls in H-SH are 7 (IE the corner room) and you mention only 2 CC. So you are going to have to tab around and swipe a few times if you have 5. So how many are you trying to tank?

When you say others I assume you mean the healer as no dps should be on the agro table of the non focus fire unless unless they are hitting wrong targets or some retard is trying to win the dps tables by dotting the next to die ones. If you shadow priest is not MCing and on dps for a pull he might well get agro if he is using Vamp embrace and just ask him to not use it till later in fight.

When posing this sort of question you really need to think and relay what is actually happening else best we can do is guess.

One final comment on large pulls it may also be more advisable to drag them back and get the shadow to fear one rather than MC it. He will do much more damage than the mob he has MC'ed and the pull gets progressively easier as numbers die. You simply will have to pick up the feared one when it breaks but by then you should have enough agro on everything else. I have also seen really good SPriests fear one then MC another and use the MC one to tank the feared one.

08-11-2008, 01:32 PM
Last night I ran with a Resto Shaman who barely had to heal me (had a feral druid dpsing, too). Between the earth shield, thorns and LotP plus Tclap and Demo shout it was the easiest run I've had yet. I know you can't t-clap, but Demo Roar has some threat gen. and tab-swiping should keep them covered. Find a resto shammy to run with. My groups are schooled to use reactionary CC when possible, keeps the cool downs live if something breaks loose.

Also, don't tank the shooters, make them rangy's first targets since they don't hit that hard and they go down fast. Buys you lots of time to build threat on the melee targets.

08-12-2008, 04:16 AM
Hey Eaglehorn,

Here are some general tips, followed by a description of how I would handle most pulls in SH on my druid. Hope you find this helpful.

A note on using Mind Control:

If you are using mind control, make sure the SP is mind controlling AFTER you start the pull. I hate mind control. If it breaks early, it creates chaos. If your shadow priest doesn't have enough hit, and the MC is resisted... chaos. Have your SP MC after the pull to avoid some of that chaos.

If your SP is using mind control to kill the first target, you should run in immediatly after he mind controls. Shift and enrage, demoralizing roar and swipe a bit. You don't want the priest to get gibbed after the MC target dies.

General Tips:
1. Mark your targets clearly, explain what you want killed first. Legionaries need to die first.
2. Pull by using starfire and moonfire. Starfire then moonfire the ranged targets if you don't CC them, maybe. Or moonfire the first kill target, and starfire one of the ranged that isn't being crowd-controlled, or the second kill target.
3. Don't try to chase down ranged targets. Use line of sight to draw them to you.
4. Ranged stuff you aren't tanking will attack your healer. Remind your healer to use LOS to draw ranged stuff down the hall to you.
5. Be familiar with the trash: Shattered Halls - WoWWiki - Your guide to the World of Warcraft (http://www.wowwiki.com/The_Shattered_Halls#Trash)
6. As Agromgmt said, don't tank the ranged targets. You don't absorb magic damage better than anyone else. The warlocks just cast rain of fire and stand around; remind your team not to stand in the fire! Kill the legionaries first, then the one or two ranged targets.
7. If you are having problems with the gladiator pulls after the gauntlet, skip them Walk straight down the middle and you won't aggro the groups on the side. Have your group wait in a cleared area while you walk ahead and shoot something, then run back down the middle to your group.

This is how I would handle most pulls on my druid:

1. Mark the legionaire with a skull, and mark the second and third kill targets. Mark the CC targets. I like to CC ranged mobs, or mobs that mortal strike. Be familiar with the trash mob's abilities (Shattered Halls - WoWWiki - Your guide to the World of Warcraft (http://www.wowwiki.com/The_Shattered_Halls#Trash)).
2. Starfire the second kill target, moonfire the first kill target. If the first kill target is a caster, I won't tank it. This isn't usually the case in Shattered Halls.
3. Duck behind some line-of-sight object. Make sure you tell your group that you're using LOS to pull stuff. I do this even when there isn't a caster, I try to be consistent. Always pull back to safe areas.
4. Once all the stuff that isn't controlled gets to you: mangle the skull, demoralizing roar, then start tabbing and swipping. Mangle the skull again after ~6 seconds. I suck up the armor debuff and shift/enrage to start pulls.
5. Watch the CC. If you ducked around a corner, the CC should run to you. Make sure your healer is standing out of LOS of the controlled target, preferably between you and the CC, to the CC runs through you to him if it breaks.