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07-02-2008, 02:55 PM
I leveled my alt warrior to be a tank and he's become a pretty good one. But now that's he's geared through ZA, there's not much to do as I can't take him to raids.

So I started pvping, and I mean just started. The only pvp I did previously was for my season1 shield. I literally played my first arena matches ever last week.

So I have a couple of wonderings.

Blue rep pvp set for resil and bonuses or random pve dps gear I've acquired? Heroic mech legs, ZA chest, engineer hat, tier4 gloves, ragesteel shoulders are the pve pieces. I have about 1650 AP in the pve set, around 200 less in Savage plate.

Also, in arens, so far I'm only doing 3s, and plan on starting 2s with a fresh 70 druid alt buddy. Currently I'm sword spec and using Jin'rok.

I know mace is much better for these brackets, but I'm not a BS and really don't want to drop a profession just for stormherald. Is mace still worth it if
it's not stormherald but some piece of crap mace? Or should that be my first honor buy?

I'd really appreciate any input. Thanks

07-02-2008, 03:07 PM
sure pick up the blue rep ones for now but don't work too hard for them, spend your time in bgs and start picking up s2 gear and just keep playing arenas everyweek, save up points and then buy s4 or s3 items that you have the rating for and keep on upgrading.

mace is still definitely worth it if you don't have stormherald. SH only had a 1.2% chance to proc, it barely mattered. it's the mace spec effect that shines it. jinh'rok will do you good for a while but once you get the rest of your pieces up and going, I'd pick up the s2 mace and go to town.

07-02-2008, 03:15 PM
Yah I definitely already had all the reps. And I think the 5 seconds off intercept is worth it. Thanks for confirming that.

Also thanks for the mace thing. bah....more honor to grind... :P

Thanks so much for the quick reply

07-02-2008, 04:01 PM
Blue set, you need the health and resil or you will be hard pressed to survive for any amount of time in arenas

The S2 mace is still worth it, even though it stuns less. Maybe not your first honor buy though (since you already have a decent weapon and not some blue) you could use some more resil from vindicator's and guardian's pieces.

This is what you should be aiming for:

Helm: Rep/S2/S3/S4
Neck: Vindicator's/Guardians
Cloak: Sergeant's heavy cloak or Dory's embrace
Ring2:Vindicator's or Veterans's
Trinket1: Blue or Epic PvP Medallion (20/45 resil, get out of anything)
Trinket2: Battlemaster's determination or some epic dps trinket
Thrown: S2/S3/S4
2 Hander: S2/S3/S4- mace or sword, I'd suggest mace, would give you an advantage, and you will need all of them that you can get
1 Hander: S2/S3/S4- whichever weapon choice you choose, make the same choice with your one hander for spell reflect situations

07-03-2008, 10:54 AM
Okay, I'm going to preface this by saying that I'm not a 2k player; we've been sitting around 1500 on all my teams since I started because my partners aren't hardcore pvpers, just guildmates who want to get in 10-20 matches a week. So take this "guide" with a grain of salt, but it's what I've done and it made sense to me.

You're going to need an S2-quality weapon to be able to compete well in arenas; the increased armor value on S2-S3-S4 weapons is higher than you found with S1-S2-S3, which requires more DPS, which is most easily increased by getting a weapon (and then increasing your DPS stats), but Jin'rok fits this description. I wouldn't worry about getting a weapon until you start doing arenas more seriously (and that means 300+ resil).

Definitely get the blues, you'll also need resilience to stay alive.

In 2v2, you need better gear to compete than you do with 3v3, and then 5v5. In 2v2, you're the sole damage dealer. In 3v3, you're half damage and half utility, and in 5v5 you're almost all utility.

Start out with battlegrounds, and try to maintain the 4pc bonus for increased intercept. Don't expect to do well in arenas while you're 3/5 S2 and 2/5 blue rep gear.

I would prioritize getting 4/5 S2, and wear your strongest PvE piece as the piece you're not getting (for me, that was Bulwark of the Ancient Kings, I didn't bother with a pvp chest).

Once you get 4/5 S2, make sure you have a pvp trinket (either the 5min or the first 2min CD; 40k isn't worth the increased resil on the trinket until you have nothing else to buy).

Then go for an S2 weapon if you feel you need it; Jin'rohk is good for burst teams, but you'll eventually want to at least try out mace spec to see how much you like it with your team.

Then go for the S4 honor items you can get with no rating.

Then go for the S4 honor items you can get with your current rating, or the S3 items if your rating isn't high enough.

All the while, spend your arena points to upgrade your S2 to S3/4 (head legs and chest are significant upgrades from S2 to S3, personally I'd prioritize those over S4 gloves because it's such a small upgrade comparitively).

Once you hit 300+ resil, you don't need to worry about getting that much more for 5v5, but for 2v2 and 3v3 you'll want to keep stacking it, as burst teams that target you first will cripple your teams chance of winning (which is less of a concern in 5v5 as warriors are often not the first target, and even if they are it doesn't cripple your team if you make them pay for bursting you).