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Gorgrim Warcry
07-01-2008, 09:13 AM
I am curious to compare myself to other warriors in my bracket/situation in terms of relative raid dps/damage done. I am in a raiding guild currently clearing everything up to Illidan. We generally run a 2 rogue, 1ench shaman, 1 MS Warrior(me), and what ever other misc melee is avalible that night. I think i logged out in my DPS gear but im at work so don't have an armory link. Just look for Gorgrim on Zul'jin realm.

On an ideal melee favorable fight such as archimode I come in 3rd on damage done somewhere around 1200ish dps Just below the two rogues. I haven't been able to get a favorable teron WWS since I got Cat's Edge however but I am pretty consistant with my archimonde DPS. My Best performance was 1700ish dps 3 overall damage on teron while I still was using Soul Cleaver this was in a group with 2 rogues, ench shaman, ret paly with all 4 of them using drums. I generally wait for bloodlust a pop all my cooldowns, including racial(orc), and haste pot. Other fights however I feel like I could be doing better normally ending up around 1100 or less dps and somewhere between 5-12 in damage done.

Do you find your damage done/dps similar to mine if you are comparable to my gear level/situation. I do a good job keeping my roatations going, they arent perfect one or two slip ups, and I find myself really pushing the threatmeter these days so I am forced to back off and even stop attacking at points on some of the burn fights like the 3rd phase of RoS. I even had to talk my shaman into waiting until 60% or less to bloodlust on most bosses to keep me from kiling myself.

07-01-2008, 09:47 AM
that actually sounds pretty good considering that MS/Slam dps is relatively lower than fury dps, and you're kinda helping the rogues beat you in dps by providing them the 4% boost to their dps as well. I think if you're tailing closely behind the rogues, whether your fury or MS it is a good sign. (well, good sign for you, or possibly a bad sign to your range dps =P)

07-06-2008, 06:58 PM
I think your DPS is ok.
Our Slam-Warri did break through 2k DPS @Teron but at that time he was close to his optimum-gear (no SW-loot at that time), and was aggro-capped at teron and RoS P3, too. ;)

Try to stay at the top10 in dmg-meters, that will be your range most of the time, I think but it depends on your raid-setup in general. Destro-locks should out-dps you most of the time, as well as rogues and fury-warris.

I think ~200dps between the fury-warris and you is an acceptable range. A bit more difference between you and your rogues / locks.