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06-30-2008, 10:38 AM
Well...Today i went to MGT normal for my second try.I did everything pretty well with some exceptions when i lost aggro on a few mobs but everything was ok.We killed First and second boss with no problem due to the experienced and imba dpsers but at Observation Grounds everything went wrong...
The sapped mob got hit by i dont know who and i had to tank 5 mobs,which is extremly hard for me(i am not very experienced).I tried to keep aggro on them all but after i got the aggro on one and went to the others i lost the aggro from the first(when i lost aggro the dpsers were hitting different mobs that made tanking impossible,but even whitout the dpsers i couldnt grab all the mobs).So after a few wipes we managed to get to the second room and i asked if they could give me some time to build aggro but even after 2-3 seconds i couldnt get all the aggro i needed and ive got 2 groups on me.So everyone died and they said i tank very bad so they left.
I dont know what i should do...Look what i usually do to keep aggro:

After the pull i TC all the mobs and use devastate for about 2 times on every mob and use TC as soon as i can but some mobs go to the healer and the skull is out from me..Then everyone is hitting different mobs and i cant do anything.
I went about 15-20 times in Shadow Lab for Adamantite figurine and for the shoulders from Murmur(i still dont have them) everything is ok and i think Murmur is the easiest boss i ever seen because i never died on him and he does low dmg for a final boss(about 1k per hit and he barely hits me).On trash i use clap everytime i am able and i can concentrate only at the mob we have to kill,sometimes i loose aggro but we manage to kil everyone.
I dont know why in SL i can clap all the time and barely loose aggro and at MGT if i use clap i allways loose...
I tried to tank underbog(everyone says it is the easiest eroic instance) but i couldnt kill even the 4th mob using the same tactic as in SL(getting about 1.5 k dmg from trash and the healer couldnt handle)...I think with my gear i might be enought for UB HC and seeing i died at the 4th mob i dissapointed myself and wanted to chance to fury.
Can you please give me some tips (i know that if u have better gear u have bigger aggro but i dont think it makes such a big difference)...Plz check my gear on armory my name ingame is "Mirceadece"
Thanks for your time sorry if i made any writing mistakes this is not my natal language.

06-30-2008, 10:43 AM
TC will cover for normal healing, howeverthe dmg that the mobs in MgT deal is alot higher, so the healer has to use bigger heals, which generate more threat.



06-30-2008, 10:48 AM
Any tactics on how to keep aggro on them?It will help me a lot

06-30-2008, 09:26 PM
Perhaps the problem lies in what you do before the pull. Do you mark up the targets? Do you assign a ff order? It's easy for a pull to good very bad very quickly if the dps are all attacking different targets. By taking a few extra seconds at the start of the instance cant be the difference between easy badges and 30g repairs.

07-01-2008, 12:44 AM
Yes i mark and usually everyone attacks who they should but after i pull and use TC i devastate every target for about 2 times but even so they gain aggro on healer and the skull is attacking the dps

07-01-2008, 04:23 AM
Of course skull will go after DPS if you're taking so much time sundering the other targets.

Thunderclap every cooldown is all you need to keep aggro off the healers. Watch the screen for resists and THEN change targets to sunder. Spell reflect every cool down if there's a caster in the group.

Use line of sight to make sure the pulls are bunched together enough for thunderclap. If they're spread out too much because of casters in the group thunderclap won't work.

Also, realize there are pulls in there, similar to SL, where you don't need to tank everything. Let the non-elites go untanked and sometimes even an elite can just be nuked down without being tanked.

Oh, and CCBreaker is a great add-on to know who's breaking CC.

07-01-2008, 04:54 AM
Yeah probably for you is easy to use only Tc and keep all the aggro on u cuz u have good gear but with my gear i cant use only tc and keep all the aggro

07-01-2008, 05:38 AM
TC doesn't scale with gear so your comment on his gear being good is irrelevant.

Are you spell reflecting? It's huge threat your healer is unlikely to overcome.

If you're really having trouble, line of sight them around a corner, thunderclap every CD and use a mouse-over devastate macro to hit them all once. If you are still losing aggro to your healer they may be burst healing you afraid of you dying.

Use shield bash liberally on these mobs and concussion blows. The less damage you take = The less healing you need = The healer creating less aggro. Make sure your dps uses their stuns and interrupts too. You really shouldn't have any problems.

07-01-2008, 06:14 AM
What MIGHT be an issue is--I have imp thunderclap. If you aren't spec'ed into it maybe it's something to try.

07-03-2008, 12:22 AM
I have Improved Tc and i use it everytime i can i make about 140 dmg per monster but they still leave

07-06-2008, 05:19 PM
Improved TC isn't going to do your tanking for you unless you have also done something additional to those mobs as well.

07-06-2008, 07:52 PM
spell reflect on pull use bloodrage, Mouse over sunder/dev the melee and give DPS a lock/physician to burn down while the rest run to you, TC after melee arrive round the corner(LoS pulling alot here)....once they are together you can just Mousever/cleave for agro

07-07-2008, 06:45 AM
Line Of Sight them around corners every pull in Magisters. Make sure no dps or healing occurs until they are around the corner and you've had the opportunity to put some threat onto them.

If your avoidance and armor are very low, the healer may have to heal you a ton because of how hard you are getting hit, which creates alot of heal threat.

Your only way of really doing it is TC every cooldown, get Devastates on each mob, if there is a caster hit it with Spell Reflect but otherwise don't pay attention to it (don't Devastate it...Spell Reflect is more than enough).

Keep in mind if the pull is going sour, just abandon putting threat on Skull - when DPS pulls aggro, THEN Taunt it. You gain a ton of threat on the mob that way without putting alot of work into it. Of course after you Taunt then you have to actually put threat on it, otherwise you will just lose it again.

Also be sure to use all your abilities including Concussion Blow - a 5 second stun can mean you can stop a mob from killing somebody even if your Taunt is off cooldown.

07-19-2008, 03:37 AM
tbh wid ya m8ty, it sounds like u had a shit group or u simply aint being "bossy" enough lol, a good tank is made by a good group no matter what anyone says ofc experience can cope with muppets but anyway ^^

aslong as ur marking a skull and have at least one cc it doesnt sound like ur doing anything wrong, id usualy start with berserker rage swap stance and bloodrage, dev the skull mob + concussion, thunderclap and dev the rest of the mobs so u got at least 1 on each, taunt the skull mob as if he hasnt lost agro then he will havevery soon, and then concentrate on the main mob :) usual stuff SS>revenge>dev and ofc kp ya thunderclap and demo shout up to reduce ur damage.

if ur still finding caster mobs are losing agro then corner pull em and get them melee'in u, or do what above post said and shield reflect to get some of taht damage back at them, and ofc CC whatevers causing u probs :)


09-13-2008, 03:56 PM
MGT requires more good from the others than the tank. If one mob is loose, then any class should easily be able to prevent the mob from doing a major impact on the party. If one mob wipes you, the tank is the least to blame.

Druids: Stun/Root. Hunters: Holy shit. Mage: Polymorph (dual polymorph spam). Paladin: Stun. Priest: Mind Control. Rogue: Stunlock, Blind. Shaman: Grounding Totem, Earthbind Totem, Earthshock, Frostshock, kiting etc. Warlock: Curse of Tongues/Exhaustion, Fear, Death Coil, Seduce. Warrior: Fear, root/snare, stun.

Something is wrong, and they can do something about it. Tanks don't need to be superheroes to make an instance run good. Bring some friends until you get the drift of the instance and grow comfortable with it.

09-13-2008, 05:14 PM
I would suggest doing a full line of sight pull, you stand on the one side of the opening, forcing the casters to come to you, and have your healer stand on the opposite side. It makes it a lot easier to get a visual cue as to when a mob turns for that healer, as he actually turns away from you. I typically determine my reaction to loosing aggro based off the mob..

If it's a melee, i just select that one and use concussion blow, once that is up taunt him all the while still laying threat on the other mobs. 1 Heroic strike should be enough to keep him on you after the taunt wears off assuming you lay it on him while he is under the effect of the taunt, and hopefully by then you will be able to start building more threat as another target should be dead.

If it's a caster, I use intervene then spell reflect then run right back to where I was. I'll probably lay a Dev on him/her as I run by.

If you are loosing multiple mobs something else is going wrong, either you aren't applying threat to them, or everyone has their own target. The key to that area of the instance is using line of sight whenever possible to make the mobs come right to you. Nobody other then a mage sheeping or a warlock enslaving should be in the mob's line of sight, and they should stand near you so you dont have to chase mobs down.

Hope that helps

09-14-2008, 12:42 AM
If I recall correctly, Thunder Clap is on a 4 second CD. So if your job is to hold 4 targets and keep main threat on your primary target (skull), I would do this:

Thunder Clap, Shield Slam, Revenge (repeat)

This rotation would not be a stable one because after you Thunder Clap the 2nd time, Shield Slam is still on CD, so it's not perfect; however, this rotation would allow you to use your top 2 threat abilities (Shield Slam, then Revenge) while at the same time keeping TC on CD at all times for max multi-target threat. Also, throw in some Cleaves if your rage is really high, which I'm assuming since you do not outgear the instance and you have a lot of mobs on you, that you'll have plenty of rage to work with. You can Thunder Clap much more than you think. It took me all the way until Hyjal to find out that Thunder Clap is your friend and that when you put it in a rotation, holding multiple targets just became a little more simple.

If you're grouping with a Druid, ask him to give you Thorns. If there's a pally, ask him for Retribution Aura. You might even want to put a Felsteel Shield Spike on your shield to help out as well. In the case of the Warlocks, Spell Reflect is your buddy on that one. Get a quick reflect on it before the healer pulls agro.

As said above, make sure that your markings are clear and easy to follow so as to not confuse the DPS. In the event that something does come off you, just Taunt it, Shield Slam, and get back on your primary target.