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06-29-2008, 08:25 PM
Hello there,

I'm an alt tank who decided that he wants to tank more than just Karazhan for alts in a t6 guild. I began my tanking career doing primarily heroics, followed by lots and lots of Karazhan runs. After which I switched over to as a ZA sub-tank for my t6 guild when our MTs don't log on. Then, chaffed at being stuck in 10-man raids, I moved this toon over to a casual raiding guild for a chance as a main tank in 25-mans (currently in SSC/TK), but I still do quite a number of heroics weekly.

The reason why I say all this is because my talent build reflects the eclectic roles I play - raid main-tank, heroic tank, raid off-tank. And splitting 51 points trying to cover all bases has been painful. To get what I mean, look at my armory below:

The World of Warcraft Armory (http://www.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Khaz%27goroth&n=Hharumlil)

The gear above reflects what I use for what I consider as "normal" raid bosses - ie. leotheras, lurker, solarian, a'lar.

70 Tauren Warrior (http://www.warcrafter.net/sandbox/81252)
This is what I use for Morogrim, FLK

High Threat, Heroics
70 Tauren Warrior (http://www.warcrafter.net/sandbox/81256)
This is what I use for heroics & Void Reaver

For trash, I use my armoried set-up and replace Iron-Tusk Girdle with Girdle of the Fearless, Commendation of Kaelthas for Darkmoon Card: Vengeance.

My main issue is I'm never certain if my avoidance/health/tps is optimal for each type of fight. I'm not a big fan of effective health > avoidance and I like to get a balance of both, but mostly preferring avoidance.

Previously, when I tanked ZA for my t6 guildies, I had immense threat issues. The rest of the raid out-gears me and I had to put in alot more threat to keep up the aggro, but massive hits from the bear-boss for example, made me very scared of dropping mitigation for more threat. Because of this, I have wiped my raid a few times due to a low threat ceiling. I have since learned to stack more expertise, shield block value and +hit and drop a bit of avoidance, but I still freak out when I take massive hits and pray that the healers will top me up in time.

In my current casual guild, the threat issue isn't so bad since gear-wise I'm on-par or above most of the raiders, but I can feel the better dpsers creeping up on me. I obviously lack a few pieces of gear still, especially t4/t5 shoulders, also still working on an EH gear set for new encounters. I pop fort flasks for all raid bosses, use iron-shield pots for hard-hitters like Morogrim, start the pull with avoidance trinkets in use.

Point of this post? I'm relatively new to tanking. This toon only hit 60 post-TBC, but I found that I love tanking very much, and am seriously considering making this toon my main come WotLK. I read up on tanking as much as I can, worked out an optimal threat/tanking rotation, ask my main's guild tanks for advice very often, but I still lack experience in things like gear decisions, gauging what's needed for an encounter, etc. Hence:

1. Can anyone look at my talent set up, gear set up and give me some advice if I can better balance avoidance/health/TPS for the various fights I've mentioned?

2. Also, my alt's guild is about to embark into MH and BT. Am I good enough to main tank there?

Feedback would be appreciated.