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06-27-2008, 08:29 PM
I have been part of running a guild since the start of TBC when a group of friends decided we would take it on ourselves to run the guild and see content. Things have been pretty tough for a long time. We had a horde guild that made it into the beginings of SSC/TK but fell apart so we dediced to switch to our alliance characters, mainly because of the server we were on was dead or near it. We leveled up to 70 began to gear up for kara and now are trying to make it into 25 mans.

Here the problems starts.

Its been very hard to recruit dedicated people that are looking to be serious about raiding and stay loyal and committed to the guild. Without these people we will not make it into 25 mans. We get people from time to time but only a handful stay and are dedicated to making things work. Now even our MT quit on us, good thing I'm a feral druid and can do the job till i get my warrior up to really take over.

My main question is, what is the best wait to recruit and retain talented players that will stick around to actually build the guild large enough to be effective and complete the goals we have set for ourselves.

06-30-2008, 02:33 PM
This is a tricky spot that many guilds that are just now starting to get serious are facing. With WoTLK on its way many players want to see as much content in TBC as possible without having to start all the way back at Kara / Gruul.

I'd tell you how to overcome this if I knew. I am considering starting my own guild with a buddy and we would like to try our best to blast past all the T4 stuff as much as possible.

My best advise would be: Don't be afraid to PuG. Many people that are in T5/T6 will still do Gruuls for fun and badges or alt sets.

Yes, it's no guild run, but at least the guildies who are there are satisfied and it will help buy you some time with recruitment. Plus it gets your guild name out there and the more people recognize it, so long as it's good publicity of course, the more likely they will consider you.

Hope some of that helps.

Good luck,


07-04-2008, 06:15 PM
In fact, there's no really secure way to recruit dedicated people.

It's just like RNG again, trial and error.

One way to try it, is to do PuG-runs like already mentioned above.
The other way is to really conversate with the new recruits, try to find out their real goals in TBC (don't have to mention to not ask them directly^^), ask questions about their character / specc / gearchoice to find out if they just copy & past i.e. kungen's specc and kind of enchants / gems or if they really thought about it and decided it's the best way for them, et cetera.

Last but not least you need a bunch of luck ;)