View Full Version : [H] Mal'ganis - RTS - 1/6 SWP LFM

06-26-2008, 03:35 PM
RTS (Reflect the Storm) is a smaller guild on Mal'Ganis (CST) looking for a few good players to keep our progression in SWP.

Currently Recruiting:
Priest x 1 (shadow)
Shaman x 1 (resto)
Paladin x 1 (Prot/Ret)
Mage x 1
Hunter x 1 (survival)

We're also always recruiting exceptional players at ANY class. Same can be said with backup players, we're looking of more.

Hyjal: 5/5
SW: 1/6 (Bruttalus under 20%)

Raid times:
We raid Monday - Thursday from 7:00pm to 11:30 pm server (cst). Invites generally go out around 6:45.

What we're looking for:
--Players whom want to raid progression and are willing to sit through the wipes to see a boss downed.
--Commitment to attend 85% of all raids
--Come to raids prepared, having food/flasks/consumables for all attempts
--Players whom know their class and know how to play it effectively
--Having the awareness to adapt to a boss encounter if something goes wrong

We do ZA Bear runs on a weekly basis and run alt kara's on weekends. We also have a few core raiders that run a pug SSC/TK on weekends if you wanted to get into that on your alt.

As stated before, we are a smaller guild. Keeping only 30 people on our main guild roster that are raiders, but with us progressing through Sunwell we are looking for more to bolster our spots. That means backups also! Even if you are not decked in full t6 but you believe you are an excellent raider and could help us progress, don't be slow to apply! We're a very laid back guild but we push to progress. We like to have fun because most importantly this is a game, no one wants to be riden like a slave by a slave driver.

If you feel you have what it takes to join our ranks hop to our site and put up an app!

Your Page Title (http://www.rtsguild.net).

If you want to keep your app private, PM Thornstar or Jacce on our forums.

We have had some problems with our host lately. If the site doesn't work PM a member in game. (/who "R t S")