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06-26-2008, 04:22 AM
Now I know some of this is a result of my own expectations and anxiety but I have to have the worst luck ever finding a guild.
I have been in maybe 5-6 guilds or so since hitting 70 a few months ago and I just can't seem to find one that 1. I can be comfortable with (members behavior), 2. needs a prot warrior and 3. Raids on any level and is highly motivated to progress.

I have tried several newer guilds looking for tanks only to find out the hard way they 1. They weren't even raiding yet nor making much of an effort to recruit the needed classes to get started raiding, 2. Decided to turn themselevs into a pvp guild, or 3. They were geared well enough but so disorganized they couldnt complete kara. I've got a few drops on guild runs but for the most part my gear was achieved via kara pugs and badge gear. Only drops in kara that I'd use at this point would be kings defender and boots of elusion.

I was told 2 days ago by my GM that they decided to turn the guild into a pvp guild. It was really disapointing because I was comfortable with the guild members, but I packed up and moved on with no hard feelings or regrets.

Heres my deal. I don't want to remain idle, so being a bench warmer isn't something I'm willing to put up with often. I have issues with anxiety but once I get comfortable with the people I'm grouped with I do very well.
I have health issues that keep me confined to bed so I spend a great deal of time playing the game. Too much time and dedication committed to gearing and learning my class and role in raids to consider myself a casual raider but too too anxious fearful and likely undergeared for most guilds to take the plunge into the more hardcore raiding guilds.
It's a tad frustrating but I know eventually I will find a guild to call home.

Anyays, this is just a little bit of a vent session, thanks for reading. I am sure most have dealt with this issue at one time or another.

06-26-2008, 04:38 AM

As you say I think most of us have been through this at one time or another, although you do seem more unlucky than most. A couple of things to consider as possible avenues of approach.

1. wowjutsu - enables you to see what guilds are where on your server and together with the official blizz forums, and any unofficial forums should give you an idea of which guilds are possible options for you, although looking at wowjutsu takes a little longer to see which guilds are still active.

2. Whats the raiding population of horde/alliance on your server - moving server may be an option unless you are very attached to individuals on your server.

3. Pug some heroics and maybe meet people that way.

4. From your gear pov you'll be fine for ssc and tk, and depending on the amount of badge gear even maybe mh and bt, although not as MT. Maybe work on a resist set for hydross and a dps set to make yourself more desirable to 25man guilds, if 25man raiding is what you want to do. Although the dps set comment is equally valid for ZA. You say you're scared of hardcore raiding, that's a natural feeling but with good support, if it turns out that is what you enjoy I'm sure you'll settle into it and grow in confidence.

5. Spend an evening or two in a major city, watching trade chat (if your server is anything like mine and no one uses guild recruitment channel), take your time and do some research - generally I dont trust any raiding guild that does not ask for a written online app - as an officer in a raiding guild I will not accept any raiders who join without completing one, as it does tell you a lot about an individual. If possible chat to warrior/tank officer in any guild you consider and find out as much information about them as possible. Check their guild roster through the armory as I'm sure certain character names will red flag for you if they are in a certain guild.

6. Depending on activity your blizz server official forum might be a good place to write a general request - state your spec, vital statistics, what time you can raid and what your expectations are.

As someone who has obviously gone out of their way to gear up, despite difficulties, and as someone with enough time to keep stocked on pots, repairs etc and to be an active member of a guild community I'm sure you will find a home.

Best of luck.

06-26-2008, 05:53 AM
Thanks Shorty, You offered a lot of good suggestions. My gear is decent for the content I've been able to get into thats for sure. 15.1 k hp, 24.03 dodge, 17.83 parry, 21.17 block, 16.5 k armor and 515 def... I've been hestitant to rework my gems just yet because I expected to be confined to kara quite a while because this last guild was confined to kara. I think that I may go ahead and start working on it though to bring my avoidance up. That may help with turn the odds in my favor when apping with a guild. I have apped on other servers but have only recieved one responce and it was from a guild who said I'm just a hair short of preferred stats. They explained they no longer do ssc and tk and that I really needed to get in those two and get some goodies before I'd be ready for them. I will check out wowjutsu, I've never heard of it. I pug heroics almost daily as I still have badge legs and belt to get before I'm done with badge gear. I've read the post here on tankspot re:"How to be accepted into any guild" and have implemented the suggestions given in that thread. Just keep my fingers crossed and hope my luck changes. Thank you for your suggestions.

06-26-2008, 01:16 PM
Also take into consideration that this is one of the worst times of year to try and find a guild. Guilds fall into 3 categories right now....1. They are pushing T6 into SW before the Xpac....2. They are taking the summer off or not working on any progression before the Xpac....3. They are all kids out of school and behave as such. I am having similar difficulties, and have made the decision that I will spend the next few months pugigng heroics, having fun, getting some pvp gear, and getting ready for the Xpac. Raid sizes will change, which will change the raid dynamics, which will mean new openings and new things to do. Do not let it discourage you. Call me a Buddhist if you want, but do not let other people create or destroy your happiness. Have fun in what you do, when you can.

06-29-2008, 06:14 AM
Thanks for extending your support and advice on the issues. This is a kind of trying experience but I am sure when things settle down with summer and the expansion things will level out and my chances of finding a guild will improve.

I started on a frost resist set yesterday and so far I have obtained the 3 epic frost resist pieces that come from The violet eye rep recipes and working on mats for the neck and ring, Within a week I should have a complete set for Hydross. That should make me a little more appealing... I guess but likely Ill go ahead and start on a nature resist set after completing frost... Can anyone say need more bank slots!?!
LOL Anyways thanks again everyone.

Ringthane youre right. Its painfully uncomfortabe at the start. The first toon I leveled to 70 was a hunter. I chose hunter specifically because it is solo friendly. I wanted more though and really had a hard time breaking out enough to raid on him... just barely got my feet wet.. I left the game and came back a few months down the road and created this warrior... Talk about facing your fears head on... It's been painful but you don't really have a choice... face your fears deal with people in groups pug or non pug or keep on doing the same thing over and over everyday... For me working this hard to get where I am gear wise, only to use the toon to do dailies or farm woud be more uncomfortable and tortureous then dealing with people. I hope we both, along with others who share the same problem find a way to break free from it.. Progress... that's what its all about.. Good luck

07-02-2008, 01:05 AM
Maybe I shouldnt speak too soon but atm it would appear my luck has changed. I was recruited by a guild mostly ready to enter ssc and tk. At the moment they have kara gruuls and mags on farm and 2 groups in ZA one of the groups clears it with ease the other averages 4/6 most runs I'm told. I was able to put together a complete frost resist set in the past few days and pure luck on my side because the other warrior tank has a full nature set. I'm gonna work on a nature resist set over the next month. The guild nearly has all the mats to make al of the tanks a set but I think I'd feel comfortable if I obtained the nature set through my own means as well.

They seem pretty organized and motivated and to tp it off they are a fun group of people. Unlike many I have been in they know the time and place for craziness.
I tanked kara for them tonight and as usual was nervous at start but by the end I was too busy cracking up to be nervous. Fun group.

Anyways I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this is the break I've been waiting for.

07-02-2008, 01:10 AM
/crosses fingers and toes for you

07-02-2008, 10:39 AM
Yeah best of luck man.

/crosses fingers

07-02-2008, 10:48 AM
that guild sounds great man! I hope it works out.

07-02-2008, 08:37 PM
Thanks everyone!.. I was asked to be warrior MT by a well established guild that is a lot further along then my current guild todoy also... weird how the well seemed dry and suddenly slots are opening up.

I turned down the offer from the other guild and told them I felt confident about the current guild at this time and it would probably be a smoother transition for me to progress along with them instead of joinging a guild already done with the content. Bitter sweet and may come back to bite me in the ass but I feel its the best thing to do.

Anyways thanks for the encouragement and positive vibes.

08-26-2008, 07:25 PM
Decided It might be benifical for others in simuliar situations if I came back and updated this.

The guild I was recruited by in my last post turned out to be a bust... Some management issues (overly controlling, abrasive, back biting type drama as well) So I ended up leaving the day after we downed hydross.

Upon leaving I accepted an open invite from a guild I had apped with several weeks prior. The guild entered BT for the first time just days after I joined and together we have accomplished 4/9 in around a months time.

I didnt know anyone in the guild at all when I joined so it has been rather uncomfortable anxiety wise. Find myself going all emo from time to time because the pressure I feel is nuts.. Alot of changes to adapt to... Skipped a whole tier of content, all new people, their expectations of me, my expectations of myself, and some apparent tank to tank competiton which I'm not fond of.

I'm really quick to go into self ass kicking mode when I screw up, even when it doesnt result in a disaster. Have to work on that.

We are raiding 5 days a week and what time I don't spend in a raid I spend working on dps badge gear, farming mats for food, flasks, elixirs etc so it is a bit tiring. Kinda taking it's toll on me physically this past week and a half so I am having to limit the time I'm logged in outside of raid times.

But in the end I am very excited to get the oppurtunity to experience T6 and have no regrets about taking the step into a serious raiding guild.

Ringthane, how are you doing? Any luck in combatting the anxiety?
Hope you are finding yourself more willing to take some steps in that direction..