View Full Version : Question - do you need a tank for MgT?

06-25-2008, 09:22 AM
(autor's note: I have cleared heroic MgT in my proc warrior spec)

Do you really need a tank for Mgt? Looking at the mobs and boss fights I'm wondering if I'd be better serve puting on a mix pvp and tank gear and going arms with a 2 hander while liberaly weapon-swaping the sword and board when need be.


Most of the mobs are clothies
Most of the incoming damage is spell damage.

The first boss in realitivily easy. Most groups can ignore the crystals and just dps him down.

The 2nd boss does arcane damage only.
Shield block does not block any incoming damage in this fight(according to wowwiki)
I'm guessing and arms or fury spec in tank gear will have and easlier time downing the adds.

3rd Boss - it's just a big pvp fight. There's no aggro table.

Last boss

Getting him down to 50% in the first 60 seconds will mean no 40k pryo blast.

Anyway I haven't tried this out yet. Just thought I'd see what you guys think.

06-25-2008, 12:08 PM
I think the first boss still does physical damage, don't remember how much. Robots hit relatively hard. Good enough group might let you squeek by fury or arms specced throwing on some gear for certain fights. Seems that it would just be a trade off, easier dps for harder tanking, or easier tanking for less dps, not sure it would really be worth it.

06-25-2008, 01:28 PM
If it wasn't for the fact that you're probably going to lose 4000 Health by switching gear, the answer would be "No."

In reality, though, yes. For the very reasons you stated (heavy magic damage with little mitigation) you need someone with plenty of excess health - especially to absorb the first volley of spells that comes in before CCs take effect. 10-12K Health is going to make a Heroic run incredibly annoying for even the most capable healers.

06-29-2008, 02:32 PM
For the 4 and 5 packs of trash: the casters still melee you. I dont have numbers right now but a significant portion of damage comes from melee. Those mage guards hit for a lot and only do physical. Bloodknights and physicians also do mostly physical. You still want to shield bash off the bloodknight's buff before he judges you. Now it's true, mages and warlocks do not hit THAT hard with their fists (though they still hit with their fists and still hit cloth twice as hard as they hit you and twice as often). And you still need a shield to spell reflect them. If you are light on CC (only 2 CC classes) then you can just set the mage as the first kill and don't even try to tank it - let the DPS tank it while you collect the other two uncontrolled mobs.

1st boss no you don't really need a tank, 2hander in pvp gear would be fine with decent healing.

2nd boss you should be wearing arcane resistance to let the healer focus on the guys with the debuffs if that is needed. If your dps blows away the fight or your healer is a beast, then why don't you try tanking it naked with a worn dagger, because there is no point in having this discussion if it's all trivial.

Between 2 and 3 the robots in the hallway will mess you up if you are not wearing a tank set.

For fight 3, yes I would switch to my PVP gear and if I were arms then I would switch to a 2hander.

For final boss, yes you tank it with a shield because spell reflecting the 4300 damage fireballs every 11-12 seconds on average is going to add 360 DPS to whatever your sword + board damage is, and that will probably be nearly as high as going full arms while making the fight way easier to heal.

If you are saying do you need to be PROT to do HMGT, then the answer is no. I think you still need to be a damage sponge, though.

06-29-2008, 03:20 PM
I'm Normally fury and spec prot for badger farming. I tent to wear alot of DPS gear on the casters as i'm not going to get critical hit that much but i still wear full tank set for the single pulls.

1st boss you need to be uncritable but beyond that he is fine unless the DPS cant get him beofre the second crystal.....if you cant do that then your not going far anyways.

2nd boss is all arcane damage i have 300+ resist and he hits for 500-1000 damage which is easy enough. I have read somewhere that you can do it with a lock or SP tank if they have resist gear....Curator Bolt Tanks normally have this stuff.

3rd Boss - PVP gear, I do it Dual Wield but if you dont have the hit gear 2handed should work also for you. It is mostly agroless but you can taunt pets.

4th boss - i go DPS on neck cloack etc and dualwield for executes after we start playing aerial dodgeball.